Monday 31 October

Art Trip to Tintagel "Highlight of my Year"

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Our students and staff have been lucky enough to have been on some truly wonderful trips over half term.  Reporting back from a four day art trip in Tintagel, Cornwall, is Year 13 student Lucy Friend.

This year’s art trip, 14 students and four teachers, all headed off to Tintagel in Cornwall for four days. The small and cosy youth hostel was located right on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the stunning headlands and sea which gave us ample opportunity to record from real life.

In the day time, we were given tasks which ranged from illustrating the power of the waves using bleach and white paint to sculpting plaster moulds of rocks we had found on the beach. It was a great opportunity to try all types of art and discover individually what we like doing the most. We were particularly lucky with the weather as one of the tasks included spending most of the day outside illustrating the historic church in Tintagel.

The evenings were a great time to relax and socialise as one big group. Following the evening meals, which we took in turns to cook, there was much laughter as we played games and on Thursday night, it being nearly Halloween, we dressed up in costumes and performed our 'quirks' and sketches that Mr Main had given us the week before.   We couldn’t have asked for a better location for an art trip and it has definitely been a highlight of the year so far.  More photos from the trip can be found on Facebook.