Tuesday 08 November

Prep House Poetry Competition Thrills the Audience

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This year’s Kathy Kettle Inter House Poetry Competition, held annually in the Prep school, produced some truly memorable performances by a number of pupils.

The theme for Reception, Prep One and Prep Two was Water and we were treated to some wonderful recitals with Reception’s George Wilkinson giving a performance of particular note.

Equally, in Prep Three, William Sweetland produced a polished performance of The Sea by John Foster and in Prep Four, George Sweetland and Zoran Plummer spoke equally beautifully with their respective poems.

The Prep School audience was captivated by Prep Five’s Christopher Kenaan’s rendition of The Dragon Who Ate Our School by Nick Toczek. The same poem was delivered cleverly, almost in song, by Milo Fausset.

Prep Six provided a tremendous interpretation of Mr Moore, Mr Moore Creaking Down the Corridor by David Harmer, to the delight of the rest of the school. In addition, Tom Murdoch left the rest of the school absolutely speechless with a flawless and incredibly moving delivery of Wilfred Owen’s Dulce et Decorum Est.