Tuesday 29 November

Trump or Clinton - a House Divided?

CA illustration 1

The latest edition of the School Magazine, produced entirely by students in the Sixth Form is now available to read, and is a highly entertaining and enlightening read. Our students and staff can access the School Magazine on Firefly. This edition, the first of this academic year, is packed with interesting articles, debate and ideas, as well as some fabulous hand-drawn illustrations by Year 12 pupil Masha Lykova. The magazine examines a wide range of topics including trying to find the answers to why we are always late; the truth behind dinosaur extinction; a fascinating insight into life in Russia, with two very contrasting opinions from our Russian students; book and play reviews and a preview on this week’s exciting Sixth Form play ‘Bronte’; and some extraordinarily delicious looking recipes! And finally, there is the Trump/Clinton debate. We all know how divisive this issue was in the run up to the election, so was it the same amongst a multi-national Parker’s community? What do the students and staff feel that the future holds for a Trump administration? Watch the video to find out. For those who do not have access to our intranet site, we will be featuring some of the articles on our blog page over the next few weeks, beginning with a fascinating look at the importance of the Creative Arts, by Elizabeth Baker.