Friday 09 December

Pre-Prep Add a Twist to Nativity and Panto!



The West Buckland Pre-Pupil children provided an afternoon of great entertainment when they performed their Nativity play and Snow White to a packed 150 Theatre yesterday afternoon.   The children acted and sang with great confidence and gusto, accompanied on the piano (and trombone at times) by Director of Music Dominic Carter.

Children in the Nursery and Reception performed a Nativity play with a twist, featuring a team of slightly reluctant Bethlehem builders who were called upon to mend the roof on an innkeeper’s stable, before the unexpected arrival of Mary and Joseph.  Needless to say, their attempts to delay the job and their persistent requests for cups of tea, were ignored! 

The cast also included a flock of very adorable sheep, led by a delightful shepherdess who treated the audience to a beautiful solo.  The gathering around the crib was completed by the three wise men and some learner-angels, equipped with L-plates on their wings.

Following this, Prep 1 and 2 performed Snow White, which also featured a slightly untraditional storyline!  Whilst abandoned in the woods after the very convincing White Witch condemned her to death, Snow White stumbled across some unfortunate and hungry dwarfs who had lost all their money on the horses.  However, after careful consultation with the Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, their luck changes in the West Buckland Champion Stakes when their horse comes in first!  And the moral of the story?  Probably best not to go there!

Many thanks to Mrs Steel and her team of staff for producing two such entertaining plays and some truly stunning and inventive costumes!

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