Wednesday 14 December

We bid farewell to some of our short term boarders


dsc 0115

As we near the end of the Autumn term we will sadly be saying goodbye to some of our short term boarders who have spent the term with us. One such is Luise Kausch from Germany, and we thought it would be nice to share her thoughts on her experience at West Buckland. We hope that she will stay in touch with the school and hopefully visit one day.

Hello Everybody! My name is Luise, I am from Germany and currently in Year 10. This is my first and unfortunately my only term here at West Buckland School.

I live in Bamfylde and I share my room with Rosie, an English girl, who is boarding for three nights per week. She is very nice.

I really like Bamfylde because everybody is friendly, and especially when I arrived in the summer everybody tried to welcome the new boarders and include them. We treat each other with respect, and because we are all in the same situation we understand each other very well.

There are different activities for boarders every day of the week, so after we finish prep at 8 o’ clock, you can decide whether you want to spend the evening in the boarding house with your friends or if you want to take part in an activity. I usually go to singing on Mondays, swimming on Tuesdays and dance on Fridays. On Saturdays there is a bus to Barnstaple and on Sundays there is a different Boarder’s activity every week. My favourite one this term was when we went surfing.

It is very easy to make new friends in the boarding house because you spend your whole time together. I have found some really good friends and it feels like I’ve known them a lot longer than three months. I am sure that we will stay in contact when we all go back home.

I would recommend boarding to my friends because I really like that there is always someone around who is free and I think that you learn a lot about respect for others because you live together with so many people.

To find out more about what our boarders hav been up to over the term, read Houseparent Shaun Morrison's very entertaining blog.