Thursday 12 January

Superb Concert by RAF Band

raf band

raf band 2

Pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 were treated to a spectacular concert performed by the Band of the Royal Air Force, with a wonderful repertoire, ranging from the theme from Star Wars, and Bang, Bang by Jessie J, to some well-known and more traditional pieces, which included some beautifully performed solos.

In addition, some of our more senior music students were given the memorable opportunity of playing with the band for a couple of pieces at the end of concert, which was a fantastic honour for them and one which they will remember for a long time.

Memorable also will be the impromptu solo from Mr Ralph on the trombone, as he was invited to come and perform with the band after word got out that he had recently passed his Grade 2 exam!

For the students who were lucky enough to attend the concert, this was a very special event and we were delighted, that pupils from Caen Primary School in Braunton were able to come and join us.

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