Monday 16 January

An Evening of Opera

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On Friday and Saturday night, audiences were treated to an intimate and excellent production of Marriage of Figaro, performed to an extremely high standard by members of the Sixth Form, under the leadership of Director of Music, Emma Kent.

Accompanied by the Exmoor String Quartet and the West Buckland Senior String Quartet, the Sixth Form Singers performed an abridged version of Mozart’s famous opera, which mixed the original arias with sections of spoken dialogue, taken from the original play by Caron de Beaumarchais, including the introduction of a narrator to explain the extremely convoluted plot!

The small cast of Sixth Form singers captured both the quality and the mood of the opera beautifully, with some extremely strong performances and very convincing acting, accompanied by the two quartets and Prep Director of Music, Dominic Carter on Continuo.

In keeping with the authenticity of the evening, the audience were able to enjoy food and wine during the entertainment but it seems they were marginally more polite and less noisy than those of the 18th and 19th Centuries, when they would chat, walk around and play games during the performance!

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