Thursday 02 February

Creativity At The Heart of Learning

crime files 3


West Buckland School has always believed that creativity is at the heart of everything we do, whether it be in the Science laboratories or the Art studios, or, as was the case this morning with our Year 8s, in the classroom and library.

A Year 8 English group enjoyed playing detectives today,  Following on from their studies of the detective story, A Pack of Lies, the class worked in pairs to create the story of a crime, complete with suspects, red herrings, clues and motives.  They assembled all the documents surrounding the case making texts such as passports, police notebooks, sketch maps, suicide notes, ransom notes, newspaper reports, interview reports and witness statements.  After a presentation to the class on their crime, students then worked in pairs to solve others’ cases.

Meanwhile, another Year 8 RS class have been looking at religious architecture and, in this case, the architecture of synagogues.  Having looked and talked about the main features of a typical synagogue, and using a model to help them, the class worked in small groups to design their own layout, using Lego!

In both cases the groups were fully engaged and worked well in their teams to create some interesting results.