Tuesday 28 February

Gymnastics Team Reach National Finals

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The West Buckland Gymnastics Team has reached the National Finals after the U13, U14 and U16 teams all achieved second place in the recent South West Schools’ Milano event, where they had to perform a floor routine, two vaults and a group routine.  The National Finals will be held at Stoke on Trent on 9th to 11th March.

There were strong performances from all the team members and, in particular, Mia Morris and Olivia Sullivan did extremely well, both coming in the top 5 and 10, respectively, in vault and floor, out of 35 and 70 gymnasts.

Team manager, Katrina Venner, puts their success down to some extremely hard work. “The gymnasts have attended up to four holiday training sessions to be able to use the gymnastics equipment and learn their routines. They have then practised independently and have improved tremendously. I’m really proud of their achievements and to reach the National Finals is nothing less than they deserve.”

Our gymnasts are: Jasmine Jefferies, Lottie Wakefield, Annabel Maskell, Ellie Prickett, Lola Bacon; and those representing WBS at the National Finals: Martha MacDonald (10th), Ellen French (8th), Mia Morris (5th & 8th), Olivia Sullivan (2nd & 9th), Charlie McClure (3rd), Flinn Vipond (3rd), Ed Broggio (2nd).

Brackets are their highest individual position in a competition if they reached the top 10.