Tuesday 02 May

Annual Sir Patrick Moore Memorial Lecture and Dinner

dr lucie green

West Buckland School, in coordination with the North Devon Astronomical Society, will once again host the Sir Patrick Moore Memorial Lecture and Black Tie Dinner on Friday 23rd June.  This year’s lecture will be given by BBC Stargazing Live’s Dr Lucie Green, who will be sharing the latest result from her research into our nearest star – the Sun.  The annual event is always popular with students, parents and the wider community and this year's event promises to be no different.

Lucie is a Professor of Physics and a Royal Society University Research Fellow based at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL’s Department of Space and Climate Physics and studies activity in the atmosphere of the Sun. She is also married to stand-up comedian and Maths communicator Matt Parker.

When asked where her love of space science came from, Green has said, "As a child, I remember hearing my parents say that they thought I was going to be an astrophysicist when I grew up. Not actually knowing what an astro-thinga-me-wotsit was, I agreed with them because I thought it sounded impressive. Really, at that time I wanted to look after animals. People used to bring me injured birds and I would stay up all night feeding them worms!"

Tickets for the black tie meal and lecture, served in The Karslake Hall at 6pm, are £25 for a single and £45 for a double ticket. For those just wanting to attend the lecture, which takes place at 7.45pm in the 150 Theatre, the price is £5 and free for students.

To purchase tickets, please contact Andrew Watkinson-Trim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the main school office 01598 760281.  Cheques should be made out to West Buckland School.