Wednesday 28 June

Pupils Debate the Merits of Computers Over Teachers!

dsc 0952news

dsc 0953news

Year 8 pupils took part in a House debating competition as an introduction to the art of formal debate.  Each of the four Houses had a first, second and summary speaker, as well as a time-keeper. Those who are not speaking formally, formed part of the floor debate.  The debate took place in front of an independent judge with points going towards the House.

The motions were: “This house believes that computers should replace teachers” and “This house would introduce school on Saturdays”.  Both produced lively and engaging discussion and some excellent responses however, in the end, both motions were rejected (producing some relief amongst the attending staff…)

The pupils seemed to really enjoy the experience which is excellent preparation for more formal speech and presentation making as well as the GCSE Spoken Language study.