Tuesday 28 November

Battle of the Victoria Sponge

bake off 2

bake off 1

‘Bake Off’ came to West Buckland today as a selection of the Year 10s were tasked with researching, writing up and then cooking their favourite Victoria Sponge recipe, to present to the eager judges (Mr Stapleton and Mr Ford) for the coveted prize of the WBS Baking Champ 2017 wooden spoon.

In addition to producing mouth-watering bakes, the students had to also produce a short piece of prose whose aim was to entice the discerning judges to pick their prize patisserie over the others.

Competition was fierce and the standard incredibly high and the judges enjoyed a moment off from their busy working day to delight in some soft sponges, succulent strawberries and comforting cream, with not a soggy bottom in sight.

In the end it was a close run thing but Lilly Payne’s culinary delight won the hearts and taste buds of the judging panel and she was duly presented with the wooden spoon by the (rather full) Headmaster.

Congratulations to all those who took part: James Tyson, Emily Davies, Harvey West, Lilly Payne, Izzy Nickell, Curtis Braddick and Carl Howlett.  Many thanks, also, to Mr Minns for providing the engraving for the prize!