Wednesday 14 February

Young Writers to Get Published

creative writing club winners news

Young members of our creative writing club are to get their stories published after being chosen as winners in a national young writers competition.

The four Year 7 girls entered the competition to write a mini saga in less than 100 words.  Organisers, Young Writers, provided a selection of tantalizing 'story starters' from which the mini sagas could take shape.

The girls' entries have been chosen for publication and their work will now be published in a Yong Writers book.

Congratulations to all of them!

plastic free news

West Buckland has taken its first steps on the road to reducing the use of single-use plastic with the staging of the first #plasticfree committee meeting this week.

Members of the Bursary and Catering staff, joined some of the Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh students, under the leadership of chemistry teacher Ms Beech, to discuss practical and achievable ways to reduce plastic waste on and off campus.

The students had come up with some excellent ideas, including reducing the use of plastic in the tuck shop, using personal water bottles on school trips instead of single use plastic bottles, setting up recycling stations for pens and stationery around the school and abolishing the use of plastic straws and polystyrene cups in school.

More information will follow and the school will be asking for assistance with this initiative from parents and other members of the school community to change our culture and habits and ensure that the ideas and action points from the students are carried through. 

Thursday 08 February

Puppets Entertain in Prep


puppet 1

Nursery and Pre-Prep children were enthralled by the Jacolly Puppet Theatre’s production of Jack and the Beanstalk.   The children were totally focused on the story which was illustrated with colourful puppets, entertaining acting, audience participation and creative but sometimes menacing shadow theatre.  Jack was a cheeky chappy who climbed the beanstalk to be confronted by the Giant’s wife.  She took pity on him, allowing him to enter the castle. 

When the huge Giant appeared, both Jack (and the audience!) shook with shock and fear.  The Giant ate his meal and eventually fell asleep, leaving Jack to make a quick exit, climbing swiftly down the beanstalk, followed by the Golden Harp and the Hen that laid the golden eggs. Once on the ground, Jack and the audience chopped down the beanstalk, killing the Giant.  

The production was lively and entertaining.  After, the children were offered the opportunity to actually touch and use the puppets, giving them a chance to learn about basic shadow puppetry skills. 

dsc 1179

dsc 1180

The school Drama department is celebrating the fact that all 22 students who took their LAMDA performing arts examinations  in December have passed with either Merit or Distinction, with the majority achieving Distinction.

Exams were taken in Public Speaking, Acting, Mime and Devising Drama, in which students create and perform their own dramatic scenes through improvisation.

Those achieving Grade Six Bronze medal Certificates included Maddy Brent,  Louisa Cotton, Ciaran Maunder, Fraser O'Brien and Tilly Shepherd.

Robert Stirzaker achieved a Grade 8 Gold Medal in Solo Acting.  This deserves special recognition as Robert has taken every single LAMDA exam in acting going from Entry level all the way up through to Grade 8.  For all but one of these exams he has passed with Distinction.