Tuesday 23 January

Bushcraft and Marshmallows

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Year 7 and 8 pupils made the most of a dry afternoon to enjoy building fires and camps and roasting marshmallows, during the second part of their Bushcraft skills course.

As part of the extra-curricular programme on a Monday after school, and open to all Year 7 & 8's, the Bushcraft sessions cover basic survival skills including shelter building, lighting fires, cooking basic foods and always finishes with a bush tucker trial.

year 3 4 autumn 2017 winners

Although it is hard to believe, with half of North Devon currently sweeping up after last weekend's floods, summer is just around the corner, and our tennis players are gearing up for another successful season.

Pre-season training will be starting in ernest, but our younger tennis players have already been blazing a trail in the region with some impressive tournament wins.

Read Head of Tennis, Rachel Thompson's report on their successes and ways to get young tennis players  involved in exciting coaching, either through the school programme, or by joining a local club.

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There has been a flurry of really good Univerity offers coming in for our Year 13 students in recent days, and amongst the most notable is the offer for Mary Lykova to study Art at the famous Ruskin School, Oxford - one of the top institutes for art in the world.

Not only are the offers to excellent universities, but also they reflect a wide and fascinating range of interests.  To name a few: Durham to read Geology for Rory Bardner; King's College, London for Izzy Barton to read War Studies and History; King's College London for Asia Raspapova to read International Relations; Birmingham for Mimi Hadley-Piggins to read Modern Languages; Sheffield for Pheobe Joslin to read Chinese Studies.  Some students are still waiting to hear all their offers and will be informed in the next few weeks.

We are delighted for all our students who have received offers from the universities of their choice and, especially, for Mary.  Mary joined the school in Year 12 and has made the most of the excellent facilities in the 150 building, under the guidance of Mr Main and Mr Minns.  

However, whilst she will be working hard to ensure she gets the required grades, she is also working on a commissioned painting of the Exmoor Run, which will be displayed in the Headmaster's office.




Former pupil, Josh Beech, this week told our Sixth Form STEM group that five trillion pieces of plastic currently lie around in our oceans - enough to circulate the Earth 425 times.

This shocking fact was delivered during a fascinating talk from Josh, founder of Nurdle, a company specialising in retrieving plastic 'nurdles' from the ocean, for recycling.

The group them examined different pieces of plastic waste to test their properties and identify what kind of plastics they were and those that are carsinogenic and contain styrenes.

This was a fascinating exercise for the group and comes as part of a bigger drive to raise awarenes of this issue with our students and take positive steps to reduce our plastic use.