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emily woods

I joined West Buckland prep school in Year 4 and am now a weekly boarder in Year 13, making the most of the incredible new sixth form facilities. Parker's not only offers us a friendly community to live in but also a perfect social space for sixth form day pupils to spend lunchtimes and study periods.

Life studying A-levels, whilst participating in many extra-curricular activities, can be challenging but being able to board has allowed me to organise my time well. In particular, I'm very involved with the school's dynamic music department and have been part of the senior school orchestra and choir since Year 7. I play the piano and the violin and like that there are many opportunities to play in formal and informal concerts throughout the year.

I am studying Spanish, English and Philosophy and overall, feel that my teachers and the careers information available are giving me an ideal pathway to further education.

ayaka watanabe

Starting my West Buckland life at Year 7 at the bottom of the Senior school and now being Year 13, top of the senior school, the time has flown by with many precious memories both daytimes and within the boarding community. Along with my three A-levels, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, dance has been a huge part of my West Buckland life with a range of genres from ballet to street and jazz. The dance show which happens every year, full of dance talents has been the highlight working with younger students from nursery up to Year 13. Being the only Japanese student in the whole school has given me an interesting experience which I am sure I will value in the future.

benson tai 2

I have been at West Buckland School since the end of Year 9. I enjoy studying at West Buckland as there are various opportunities to get involved in different activities provided by the school. I enjoy doing sports and music at school. I involved in basketball, badminton, athletics and music such as concert band. The facilities at the school are amazing which helps us to develop a variety of skills that we might need for our future. I am grateful to be part of such a nice school community and to have all the valuable friends that I do. I strongly recommend West Buckland to my friends.

Reuben Windley profile

My name is Reuben and I am in Year 10. I have been at West Buckland School since I was four years old. 

What I love about this school is how busy it keeps me! There is so much to do and so many opportunities to try new things. I am a keen sportsman and musician but I also love playing chess and singing in the Junior Boys Choir. I can do all of these things here at school because of the great facilities and enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. Doing all this means I get to meet lots of people of different nationalities and ages and learn many positive things from these experiences.

As I progress through school I look forward to the challenges that the Outdoor Adventure Department offers and hope to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and The Ten Tors Challenge. I know I am very lucky to be studying here.

Lily Guildford cropped

I'm Lily and I started at West Buckland School in Year 7 and I am currently in Year 11.  My old school was in the city so we had to travel to the sports pitches but it is so much easier to walk to all the pitches here.

I really like the facilities and opportunities at West Buckland. I enjoy playing hockey and swimming and we get to play in regular matches and swim in galas for the school. I am learning to play the flute, working towards my grade 3 and I am involved with the Junior Concert Band. I have just started to do CCF and Duke of Edinburgh and I am looking forward to the camping, night walks and the Ten Tors. The school has one big performance or musical every year and I've been lucky enough to be involved with Grease and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

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