Aspiring Futures

Our Aspiring Futures programme aims to provide excellence for the children in North Devon.

School days are not only ‘the best days of our lives’ but are a time for personal development that has the greatest impact on future outcomes. Nurturing these ambitions and burgeoning characteristic values requires a fertile environment for growth and careful attention to detail.

We are very proud of our glorious location and the three prongs of our Aspiring Futures programme are aimed to provide every child in North Devon with the opportunity to achieve great things.

Academic – what you get


At the heart of a great education is the learning environment and teacher expertise.  

  • We attract excellent teachers, passionate about their subject and reflective in the art of teaching
  • A programme of visiting lectures, clubs, careers guidance, trips as well as a carefully tailored curriculum at GCSE and A-level, including the highly-valued Extended Project Qualification.
  • Strong links with the community, key businesses like Bray Leino and high-profile alumni, create unparalleled opportunities for students to gain guidance and experience.
  • Recent investment in facilities provide rich creative spaces.

Co-Curricular – what you become

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Education is not just the acquisition of knowledge but the ability to wield that information effectively, yoking that information to a strong moral compass to make a difference in the world.  This might be called ‘character education’ but it exists in the activities, the teams, the ensembles, the performances and in the quietness of everyday living. Our personalised co-curricular programme, that sits alongside our academic curriculum, includes:

  • Sports Performance Programme
  • Music Academy
  • Dance Performance Programme
  • Leadership Programme

Community – where you belong

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We aim to produce young men and women who know themselves and aspire to exciting futures of multiple careers and global fluidity. Linking with local businesses for real-life problem solving or our highly successful alumni circuit to offer a future mentoring scheme.  We aim to extend the many opportunities to all students in North Devon in a scheme that hopes to raise aspiration, through enrichment and extension opportunities, including:

  • Aspiring Futures Music and Art events
  • Bray Leino creative problem solving
  • Alumni mentoring scheme