Ethos & Aims

The ethos of West Buckland School enables all pupils to develop the personal qualities, abilities and values which will prepare them to make the most of their own lives and to contribute to society. Our moral and spiritual values are based on the school's Christian foundation: these are generosity and kindness of spirit, a commitment to virtue, and the tolerance and enjoyment of diversity and individuality. The personal qualities and abilities are self-confidence, self-discipline, a desire to maximise one’s potential and to use one’s gifts and opportunities to the full. Specifically, we:

  • provide a broad and stimulating curriculum which challenges every pupil throughout the whole school, encourages intellectual curiosity and independence, and prepares the way for learning throughout their lives
  • ensure that all leavers have the opportunity to possess the qualifications, skills and knowledge which will enable them to make courageous choices about how they live their lives, including their continuing education and employment
  • balance academic commitment with a wide range of sporting, cultural, intellectual and other activities to enrich the curriculum, provide opportunity for all pupils to further their personal development
  • provide a caring environment where all boarders and day pupils can enjoy their childhood, strive to reach their potential, and live their lives safely and confidently in school and beyond
  • encourage pupils to make a difference by wielding knowledge creatively, to consider themselves contributors to the communities and environment in which they live, and to be active and cooperative members of their communities both here in North Devon and wherever they may live in the future