Head's Message

Phillip Stapleton

“The highest reward for your toil is not what you get for it but what you become by it.”

John Ruskin

Academic excellence is the heart of the West Buckland education, not just in its own right, but because it opens doors in pupils’ lives. Our pupils challenge their knowledge and dreams through exposure to ambitious cultural, intellectual, sporting, outdoor, and service programmes, and they develop as balanced, accomplished individuals who can make a difference.

At West Buckland pupils gain the confidence to believe in themselves and in what they can achieve, as well as acquire the skills necessary to make the most of future opportunities; thus they do not just enjoy their time here, they thrive and excel. West Buckland also emphasises the importance of developing Christian values: to resist the temptation to play safe or go with the flow. And through a sense of duty, an awareness of right and wrong and a respect for others be ambitious with a clear sense of purpose and a balanced view of life. They dare to blaze new trails and through reflective appraisal they change expectations.

Community life can rarely be captured on a website. The only way to get a genuine feel for what we believe in and what we do is to visit, and meet the people who are the beating heart of the school.

Phillip Stapleton