Thursday 08 February

Puppets Entertain in Prep


puppet 1

Nursery and Pre-Prep children were enthralled by the Jacolly Puppet Theatre’s production of Jack and the Beanstalk.   The children were totally focused on the story which was illustrated with colourful puppets, entertaining acting, audience participation and creative but sometimes menacing shadow theatre.  Jack was a cheeky chappy who climbed the beanstalk to be confronted by the Giant’s wife.  She took pity on him, allowing him to enter the castle. 

When the huge Giant appeared, both Jack (and the audience!) shook with shock and fear.  The Giant ate his meal and eventually fell asleep, leaving Jack to make a quick exit, climbing swiftly down the beanstalk, followed by the Golden Harp and the Hen that laid the golden eggs. Once on the ground, Jack and the audience chopped down the beanstalk, killing the Giant.  

The production was lively and entertaining.  After, the children were offered the opportunity to actually touch and use the puppets, giving them a chance to learn about basic shadow puppetry skills.