Monday 08 October

House Drama Sets the Bar High

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The annual house drama competition once again lived up to its billing, showcasing the best, and funniest, performances from across all age groups in the senior school.

As usual, the format saw a mixture of improvised and rehearsed pieces, with the improvised teams only receiving their brief one hour before going live.  This made their performances all the more spectacular, with strong emotional performances mixed in with some truly hilarious sketches.

For some, this marks their first forray onto the stage, for others, this is a way of honing their skills and stretching their repertoire.  

The rehearsed pieces included four acts from Shakespeare, as well as extracts from the likes of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase and The Adventures in Neverland.

We were honoured to have, on the judging panel, local actors and directors, Mark Clark and Dave Ludlum, who appeared extremely impressed with what they saw.

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