Tuesday 05 February

Why Technology Makes Ethics Exciting

peter vardy

Peter Vardy, an eminent academic, philosopher, theologian and author, visited the school on Wednesday. He spoke to students from Years 10-13, including a group from Park School, on ‘The Global Financial Crisis of 2007 and its Legacy’ and ‘Why Technology Makes Ethics Exciting.’ In the former, he explained the banking crisis, the deregulation that led to it and the sovereign debt legacy that resulted from it. He then outlined why this led to austerity and the present situation as well as its impact on the students. In the latter, he talked about advances in human reproduction and genetic engineering of human embryos and the challenges this raises for the future.

In the evening, he spoke eloquently to an eclectic mix of students, parents, staff, governors and visitors at the Aldiss Society dinner and lecture on ‘The Aims and Purposes of Education.’ In this, he made reference to A.I and genetics, and whether present trends in education risk distorting what it means to be human. He challenged the increasing preoccupation with a league table based culture.