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New Prep pupils joined headmaster, Mr Robinson for a welcome talk and refreshments where they were encouraged to feed back on their experience at school so far. All comments were very positive with pupils saying, "Learning is fun", "Teachers are kind and want to help" and "I have made so many new friends". It is fantastic to see that all are settling in to their new school environment and showing such promise.

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The annual house drama competition once again lived up to its billing, showcasing the best, and funniest, performances from across all age groups in the senior school.

As usual, the format saw a mixture of improvised and rehearsed pieces, with the improvised teams only receiving their brief one hour before going live.  This made their performances all the more spectacular, with strong emotional performances mixed in with some truly hilarious sketches.

For some, this marks their first forray onto the stage, for others, this is a way of honing their skills and stretching their repertoire.  

The rehearsed pieces included four acts from Shakespeare, as well as extracts from the likes of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase and The Adventures in Neverland.

We were honoured to have, on the judging panel, local actors and directors, Mark Clark and Dave Ludlum, who appeared extremely impressed with what they saw.

More photos are available on Facebook

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Year 7 and Prep pupils took to the waves and enjoyed an evening of surfing at Croyde beach as part of their extensive extra-curricluar activities.

Since term begun:

16 Year 8 pupils have taken advantage of the surfing while 20 have enjoyed coasteering.

The boarders have also seized these great opportunities with 75 of them surfing over the course of 3 weekends and 22 choosing to go coasteering.

To see more photos from the surf session, please visit our Facebook page.

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West Buckland pupils were asked to contribute to a professional dance and spoken word installation being screened at the renowned Sidmouth Science Festival. The installation is an Arts Council funded project called 'Unkindest Cut', choreographed by Subathra Subramanian of Sadhana Dance which entwines dance, peformance, text, film and an intricate light installation.

Subathra came into school to lead a creative workshop where our pupils were taught yoga, the beginnings of Bharata Natyam (classical Indian Dance) and were given the opportunity to use their voices, text, rhythm and to move freely in an unpressurised environment. Thoughts and feelings were also shared on what it is like to be a young person in the world today and all of these sequences and ideas will play an important part in contributing to the installation, which were very lucky to have been asked to participate in.