Tuesday 13 June

Our Guest Speaker Offers Inspiration

james shone

At this summer’s Speech Day, we are delighted to be welcoming, as our guest speaker, James Shone, founder of the charity ‘I Can and I Am’. James was a school teacher and house master before being forced to quit teaching in 2013 following a brain tumour that left him without sight and his body partially disabled.

James is passionate about the issue of mental ill health, which he believes is the new cancer of young people today and is driven by his desire to reduce low self-worth in children and to inspire confidence in every individual.

James has spent four years visiting hundreds of schools to speak about his journey and the importance of ‘inflating the balloon of self-belief’. The feedback from pupils, parents and staff of the schools he visits is exceptional across the board.

James has a mission, “I want to help break the negative cycle so prevalent among young people today,” he says. “I’m passionate about inspiring confidence in these young people and I’m hoping to extend my reach in to all sectors of society.”

As part of his fund raising activities, James recently completed a 128 mile row down the Thames from Lechlade to Teddington, quite a feat given James's lack of sight and reduced physical capabilities.

Two different rowers joined James each day to provide support, including his eldest son on day 5 and his wife, Olivia, for the final leg on day 6.

“I’m incredibly proud of what we all achieved on this great adventure and want to ensure that we continue to help as many young people in the UK as we can. The money raised will help the charity to visit an even wider number of schools and to launch a one-to-one mentoring scheme for teachers to use with their students.”

We look forward to welcoming James on Saturday 1st July at our Speech Day.