Date Start End Category Description Location
28/04/201708:50SchoolYears 11-13 Exam Procedure Talk Memorial Hall
28/04/201709:30SchoolGCSE PE Moderation JESC
28/04/201716:30SchoolChapel Choir
28/04/201716:30SchoolHOD MeetingClubroom
28/04/201718:30SchoolBoarders’ Service at East Buckland Church
29/04/201709:00SchoolIELTS Examinations (to 17:00)Memorial Hall
29/04/201709:15SchoolTennis U14 Road to WimbledonH
29/04/201710:30SchoolCricket U11, U10 v Taunton SchoolH
29/04/201711:00SchoolRounders U11 A&B, U11/U10C, U10 v Taunton SchoolH
29/04/201711:30SchoolCricket U14, U13 v Exeter SchoolA
29/04/201712:00SchoolTennis (G) U12 v Taunton Prep SchoolA
29/04/201714:00SchoolTennis (G) U13 v Taunton Prep SchoolH
29/04/201714:00SchoolCricket 1st, U15, U12 v Exeter SchoolH
30/04/2017All DaySchoolBoarders’ Activity: Camping
30/04/201709:00SchoolLAMDA Examinations (to 17:00)Clubroom
30/04/201710:00SchoolGCSE Drama Rehearsal (to 16:00)150 Theatre
Date Start End Category Description Location
01/05/2017All DaySchoolNormal School Day/Open Day
01/05/2017All DaySchoolYear 9 Week of Creative Circus Changeover
01/05/201709:00SchoolNorth Devon Show Jumping Meet (all day)A
01/05/201716:00SchoolTennis (B & G), Netball, Hockey, Rugby Senior PhotosJESC
02/05/2017All DaySchoolGCSE Art Examination (all day)
02/05/201709:00SchoolCIE History Examination (AS)
02/05/201716:00SchoolTeaching & Learning Group MeetingPE Classroom
03/05/2017All DaySchoolA2 & GCSE Art Examination (all day)
03/05/2017All DaySchoolAS French Oral Examination (all day)
03/05/201714:00SchoolCricket 1st v XL ClubH
03/05/201714:00SchoolRounders U11 A&B, U11C/U10, U10 v King’s Hall TauntonH
03/05/201715:15SchoolTennis (G) 1st, 2nd, 3rd v Blundell’s SchoolH
03/05/201715:15SchoolAthletics North Devon League Round 1, Braunton (Yrs7-9)A
03/05/201717:00SchoolGovernors’ Compliance Committee MeetingDownward Rm
03/05/201717:00SchoolAdventure Society: Surfing
04/05/2017All DaySchoolA2 Art Examination
04/05/2017All DaySchoolTennis (G) U13 Aegon Division 1&2 v Maynard’s SchoolH
04/05/201708:30SchoolGrades (All Years)
04/05/201709:00SchoolYear 5 Geography Field Trip, Westward Ho! (return 16:00)
04/05/201714:00SchoolCricket & Rounders U9 v St Petrocs, BudeH
04/05/201714:30SchoolCricket U12 v Pilton (Cup)A
04/05/201716:00SchoolTennis (G) U15 Aegon Division 2 v Exeter SchoolH
04/05/201717:00SchoolTennis (B) 1st, 2nd v Wellington SchoolH
04/05/201719:00SchoolGCSE Drama Performance Open Rehearsal150 Theatre
05/05/2017All DaySchoolA2 Art Examination
05/05/2017All DaySchoolTrinity Music Examinations (all day)
05/05/201713:30SchoolTen Tors Team departs, (Yr 10) (return Sunday)
05/05/201716:00SchoolGovernors’ Marketing Committee Meeting
05/05/201716:30SchoolTennis (B) Senior House Competition
05/05/201718:15SchoolPhoenix Society
06/05/201710:30SchoolRounders U11A, U10A v Queen’s College, TauntonH
06/05/201711:15SchoolCricket 1st v Mount Kelly SchoolA
06/05/201713:00SchoolTennis (G) U15 A&B, U14 A&B v Blundell’s SchoolA
06/05/201714:00SchoolCricket U13, U12 v Mount Kelly SchoolH
06/05/201719:30SchoolNDS concert, soloist: Dominic Carter
07/05/2017All DaySchoolBoarders’ Activity: Woolacombe Beach
07/05/2017All DaySchoolTen Tors Team returns
07/05/201710:00SchoolGCSE Drama Rehearsal150 Theatre
08/05/2017All DaySchoolMusic Sight-Reading Competition (all day)
08/05/201709:00SchoolCIE History Examination (AS)
08/05/201714:25SchoolTennis (G) U15 Aegon Division 1&2 v Maynard’s SchoolA
08/05/201714:30SchoolCricket Intermediate House CompetitionH
09/05/201716:00SchoolGCSE Drama Performance Examination 150 Theatre
09/05/201717:00SchoolGovernors’ Educational & Pastoral Committee MeetingClubroom
10/05/201709:00SchoolEarly Lessons and Tutor Meetings at Break
10/05/201713:00SchoolInformal Music Concert 3Recital Room
10/05/201713:30SchoolCIE Geography Examination (AS)
10/05/201715:00SchoolGold D of E Expedition Planning Meeting (ends 20:00)
10/05/201717:00SchoolTennis (B) 1st, 2nd v Blundell’s SchoolH
10/05/201717:00SchoolAdventure Society: Surfing
11/05/201716:00SchoolTennis (B) U15, U13 Aegon Division 2 v Bideford CollegeH
11/05/201716:00SchoolTennis (G) U15 Aegon Division 2 v Bideford CollegeH
11/05/201717:00SchoolTennis (G) 1st, 2nd, 3rd v Wellington SchoolH
12/05/2017All DaySchoolSenior School Casuals Day
12/05/201709:30SchoolPrep 6 Rosemoor workshop (return 14:00)
12/05/201716:30SchoolYear 9 Bronze D of E (G) Expedition, Castle Hill departs (return Saturday)
12/05/201716:30SchoolChapel Choir
12/05/201718:30SchoolPrefects’ Dinner at the Barnstaple Hotel
13/05/201709:00SchoolTennis (B) 1st, 2nd v Queen’s College, TauntonA
13/05/201710:30SchoolCricket U11A, U10A v Queen’s College, TauntonH
13/05/201715:00SchoolYear 9 Bronze D of E (B) Expedition, Castle Hill departs (return Sunday)
13/05/201716:00SchoolYear 9 Bronze D of E (G) Expedition, Castle Hill returns
14/05/201711:00SchoolBoarders’ Activity: Surfing (return 16:00)
14/05/201716:00SchoolYear 9 Bronze D of E (B) Expedition, Castle Hill returns
15/05/2017All DaySchoolMain Examination Season begins
15/05/2017All DaySchoolYears 11 & 12 Study Leave begins
15/05/201709:30SchoolReception and Prep 1 workshop at Rosemoor (return 16:00)
15/05/201714:00SchoolCricket U15 v Mount Kelly SchoolH
15/05/201717:00SchoolYears 4, 5 & 6 Parents’ Consultation Evening
16/05/201715:30SchoolAdvanced String Players Workshop and Concert, Exeter (return 22:30)
16/05/201716:00SchoolTennis (G) U15, U14 v Shebbear CollegeH
17/05/201711:15SchoolRounders U11 A&B v Trinity School (return 18:00)A
17/05/201711:15SchoolCricket U11 v Trinity School (return 18:00)A
17/05/201714:00SchoolYear 13 Enrichment: Catherine Jones, The Alexander Technique
18/05/2017All DaySchoolTennis U15 Aegon V Torrington School (TBC)
18/05/201709:30SchoolPrep 3 and 4 workshop at Rosemoor (return 16:00)
18/05/201710:00SchoolPrep School Choir performing at the Devon County Show (return 16:00)
18/05/201714:25SchoolTeaching & Learning Group Meeting (ends 15:45)
18/05/201714:30SchoolTennis (G) U13, U12 v Blundell’s SchoolA
18/05/201716:00SchoolGovernors’ Finance Committee Meeting
18/05/201717:15SchoolExeter Theatre Trip: The Play That Goes Wrong (return 22:30)
19/05/201709:30SchoolYear 2 workshop at Rosemoor (return 16:00)
19/05/201714:25SchoolTennis Prep School House Competition
19/05/201714:30SchoolTennis (B) Aegon U15, U13 v Colyton Grammar SchoolA
19/05/201716:30SchoolHOD MeetingClubroom
19/05/201718:15SchoolPhoenix Society Presidential Election
20/05/201708:30SchoolCricket U13 20/20 Tournament at Mount Kelly SchoolA
20/05/201709:00SchoolCricket 1st 20/20 Tournament at Shebbear CollegeA
20/05/201710:30SchoolCricket U15 20/20 Tournament at WBSH
21/05/2017All DaySchoolBoarders’ Activity: Bowling
22/05/201709:00SchoolYear 10 Geography Fieldtrip, Westward Ho! (return 17:00)
23/05/2017All DaySchoolStart of Internal Examinations
23/05/201712:15SchoolRounders U11 v St Petroc’s School, BudeA
23/05/201712:15SchoolCricket U11 v St Petroc’s School, BudeA
24/05/201714:00SchoolYear 13 Enrichment: The Alexander Technique
24/05/201715:00SchoolAthletics North Devon League Round 2, Braunton (Yrs7-9)A
24/05/201718:30SchoolYears 3 & 4 Play: The Jungle Book150 Theatre
24/05/201719:00SchoolMusic Scholars Evening Recital Room
25/05/201713:30SchoolCIE Economics Examination (A2)
25/05/201714:25SchoolTeaching & Learning Group Meeting (ends 15:45)
25/05/201714:30SchoolTennis (B & G) U13, U12 v Wellington SchoolA
25/05/201716:00SchoolGovernors’ Finance Committee Meeting
25/05/201718:30SchoolYears 3 & 4 Play: The Jungle Book 150 Theatre
26/05/2017All DaySchoolPrep School - Casuals and Cake Charity Day
26/05/201709:00SchoolCIE History Examination (A2)
26/05/201716:30SchoolHalf Term begins
26/05/201719:00SchoolLeavers’ Ball at High Bullen Hotel
27/05/201708:30SchoolYear 7 & 8 French trip to Normandy departs
27/05/201709:00SchoolBoarders depart
31/05/201723:30SchoolYear 7 & 8 French trip to Normandy returns
Date Start End Category Description Location
04/06/201716:00SchoolBoarders return
05/06/2017All DaySchoolInternal Examinations continue
05/06/201708:40SchoolTerm resumes
05/06/201710:00SchoolBiology Canford MeetingClubroom
06/06/201709:30SchoolYears 8-10 Mop up Session for all VaccinationsClubroom
06/06/201710:00SchoolPrep School Open Morning for Prospective Parents (ends 12:00)
06/06/201710:45SchoolTeaching & Learning Group Meeting
06/06/201717:00SchoolTennis (B & G) U15, U14 v Wellington SchoolH
06/06/201717:00SchoolPre-Prep & Year 3 Parents’ Consultation Evening
07/06/2017All DaySchoolYear 10 English Oral Examinations (all day)
07/06/2017All DaySchoolAthletics North Devon League (reserve date)
07/06/201709:30SchoolTennis Year 2 North Devon Tournament at Tarka TennisA
07/06/201714:45SchoolPrep School Afternoon of Music 150 Theatre
07/06/201719:00SchoolInformal Music Concert 4, Filleigh Church
08/06/2017All DaySchoolYears 7-9 House Art Competition launched
08/06/2017All DaySchoolYear 10 English Oral Examinations (all day)
08/06/201709:00SchoolYear 5 Trip to Portsmouth departs (return Friday)
08/06/201710:45SchoolTeaching & Learning Group meeting (ends 13:00)
08/06/201718:00SchoolNew Parents’ Evening150 Theatre
09/06/201714:30SchoolFoundation Trustee Meeting
09/06/201718:00SchoolYear 5 Trip to Portsmouth returns
10/06/201709:00SchoolFull Governing Body Meeting & AGMClubroom
10/06/201709:00SchoolDevon Schools’ AA Track & Field Championships, Exeter
10/06/201709:30SchoolCricket U12 v Shebbear CollegeA
10/06/201709:30SchoolTennis (G) U15, U14 v Queen’s College, TauntonA
10/06/201710:00SchoolTennis (G) U13 A&B, U12 A&B v Exeter SchoolH
10/06/201711:00SchoolCricket U14 v Shebbear CollegeH
10/06/201713:00SchoolTennis (Mixed) Senior & Junior v Blundell’s SchoolA
11/06/201708:30SchoolCCF Range Day, Langport - TBC. (return 16:00)
11/06/201711:00SchoolBoarders’ Activity: Coasteering (return 16:00)
12/06/2017All DaySchoolYear 8 Reports to Tutors
12/06/2017All DaySchoolYear 12 return after Study Leave
12/06/201708:40SchoolYear 9 Carnegie Shadowing Event, Park School (return 14:00)
13/06/2017All DaySchoolUKMT Junior Maths Challenge: Follow-on rounds
13/06/201712:15SchoolCricket U11, U10, U9 v Shebbear CollegeA
13/06/201712:15SchoolRounders U11, U10, U9 v Shebbear CollegeA
13/06/201719:00SchoolSummer Music Concert150 Theatre
14/06/201709:00SchoolMechanics M1 Examination (AS)
14/06/201714:00SchoolYear 12 HE and Careers Day
14/06/201715:00SchoolAthletics North Devon League Final, Braunton (Yrs7-9)A
14/06/201717:00SchoolAdventure Society: Surfing (return 20:30)
14/06/201718:00SchoolCricket U11, U9 v North Devon Cricket ClubH
14/06/201718:00SchoolHE and Careers Briefing to Year 12 ParentsClubroom
15/06/2017All DaySchoolYear 7 Reports to Tutors
15/06/201707:30SchoolYears 12 & 11 Trip to Bath University Open Day (return 19:00)
15/06/201708:30SchoolHealth & Safety MeetingDownward Rm
15/06/201711:00SchoolSwimming U11, U10, U9 Gala v Trinity School (rtn 1800)A
15/06/201714:30SchoolTennis (G) U13, U12 v Shebbear CollegeA
15/06/201718:30SchoolJunior Sports Award Dinner, (Years 7-10)Karslake Hall
16/06/2017All DaySchoolFinal GCSE Examination
16/06/201709:00SchoolYear 12 Biology Fieldwork, Braunton Burrows (return 16:30)
16/06/201712:00SchoolYear 7 OS Map Skills Fieldwork in the local area (return 16:00)
16/06/201713:30SchoolDecision Maths D1 Examination (AS)
16/06/201713:30SchoolCricket Prep School House Competition
16/06/201713:30SchoolRounders Prep School House Competition
16/06/201716:30SchoolChapel Choir
17/06/2017All DaySchoolSW Schools’ AA Track & Field Championships, Exeter
17/06/201707:30SchoolYears 11 & 12 Trip to Bristol University Open Day (return 19:00)
17/06/201711:00SchoolTennis (G) U13, U12 v Queen’s College, TauntonH
17/06/201711:30SchoolCricket U15, U13 v Wellington SchoolA
17/06/201711:30SchoolParents’ Forum (to 13:00)Clubroom
17/06/201712:00SchoolTennis (G) U15, U14 v King’s College, TauntonA
17/06/201714:00SchoolCricket U14, U12 v Wellington SchoolH
18/06/2017All DaySchoolBoarders’ Activity: Go Karting
18/06/201709:00SchoolVanguard Drama Examinations, 150 Theatre (ends 17:00)
18/06/201714:00SchoolRehearsal for Choral Concert (to 1630)Memorial Hall
19/06/201708:30SchoolPrep 6 Junior Life Skills (return 12:30)
19/06/201710:45SchoolYear 12 EPQ activities (to 1315)
19/06/201713:30SchoolReligious Studies Paper 3 (AS)
19/06/201714:00SchoolYear 12 EPQ Talk (University of Southampton, to 1500)Clubroom
20/06/201709:00School10BI-1 & 10BI-6 Biology Fieldwork, Rosemoor Gardens (ends 15:45)
20/06/201716:00SchoolCricket U13(B) v The Downs School, BristolH
20/06/201716:00SchoolCricket U13 (G) v The Downs School, BristolH
20/06/201717:30SchoolYears 7-9 Play Dress Rehearsal: Sequins, Suits & Platform Boots (ends 20:30)150 Theatre
21/06/2017All DaySchoolWorld Music Day
21/06/201708:00SchoolPrep School Green Goblin Go-Kart Competition, Newquay (return 18:00)
21/06/201709:15SchoolTennis Years 5 & 6 North Devon Tournament, Tarka TennisA
21/06/201714:00SchoolYear 12 Economics Trip departs (return Thursday)
21/06/201717:00SchoolAdventure Society: Surfing
21/06/201719:00SchoolAdventure Society Dinner & Ten Tors Presentations
21/06/201719:00SchoolYears 7-9 Play Performance: Sequins, Suits & Platform Boots150 Theatre
22/06/201709:30SchoolBeaford Primary School visiting WBS’ DT Department (ends 14:00)
22/06/201712:15SchoolRounders U9 v Exeter Cathedral SchoolA
22/06/201712:15SchoolCricket U9 v Exeter Cathedral SchoolA
22/06/201716:00SchoolShooting Prep School House Competition
22/06/201719:00SchoolYears 7-9 Play Performance: Sequins, Suits & Platform Boots150 Theatre
22/06/201719:30SchoolYear 11 Celebration at Broomhill Art Hotel
22/06/201723:00SchoolYear 12 Economics Trip returns
23/06/201709:00SchoolYear 9 (G) Bronze D of E Expedition: Walking on Exmoor
23/06/201709:00SchoolYear 9 (B) CCF Chivenor Armed Forces Day (return 15:00)
23/06/201709:00SchoolDecision Maths D2 Examination (Y13 & some Y12)
23/06/201713:30SchoolPrep School Sports Day
23/06/201716:30SchoolCalendar Committee MeetingPE Classroom
23/06/201716:30SchoolTennis (B) Intermediate House Competition (ends 18:00)
23/06/201717:30SchoolSir Patrick Moore Black Tie Dinner and Lecture150 Theatre
24/06/2017All DaySchoolYear 9 (G) Bronze D of E Expedition: Walking on Exmoor (return PM)
24/06/201719:30SchoolChoral Concert (Rutter’s Requiem), Torrington Church
25/06/2017All DaySchoolBoarders’ Activity: Croyde Beach
25/06/2017All DaySchoolShow Jumping North Devon Schools LeagueA
25/06/201709:00SchoolYear 9 (B) Bronze D of E Expedition: Walking on Exmoor
25/06/201714:00SchoolTennis (Mixed) Senior team v Killard LevyH
26/06/2017All DaySchoolWeek of ABRSM Music Examination
26/06/2017All DaySchoolYear 9 (B) Bronze D of E Expedition: Walking on Exmoor (return PM)
26/06/201709:00SchoolYear 9 (G) CCF Onsite Actvities
26/06/201714:30SchoolTennis (G) U15 v Exeter SchoolA
27/06/201709:00School10BI-5 & 10BI-4 Biology Fieldwork, Rosemoor Gardens (ends 15:45)
27/06/201716:00SchoolTennis (G) U13 & U12 Squad PhotographsJESC
27/06/201718:00SchoolPrep School Speech Day Years 3-6Memorial Hall
27/06/201719:00SchoolPsychology Film Club: Clockwork OrangeClubroom
28/06/201710:00SchoolPre-Prep Sports Day and Prize Giving
28/06/201710:30SchoolCricket 1st v MCCH
28/06/201717:00SchoolAdventure Society: Surfing
28/06/201717:30SchoolYears 7-9 Play Dress Rehearsal: Leaving the Drama on the Stage (ends 20:30)150 Theatre
29/06/2017All DaySchoolFinal A2 Examination
29/06/201706:30SchoolYears 11 & 12 Trip to Oxford University Open Day (return 20:00)
29/06/201712:30SchoolRounders U9 A&B v Exeter SchoolA
29/06/201716:00SchoolTennis (G) U15 & U14 Squad PhotographsJESC
29/06/201719:00SchoolYears 7-9 Play Performance: Leaving the Drama on the Stage150 Theatre
30/06/201709:00SchoolYear 6 Trip, Clockhay (return 16:00)
30/06/201709:00SchoolNursery Activity Day
30/06/201719:00School Governors’ Dinner at Castle Hill
Date Start End Category Description Location
01/07/201709:25SchoolOWBA Patrons’ Coffee150 Theatre
01/07/201710:15SchoolSenior School Speech Day and Prizes
01/07/201712:00SchoolGuest of Honour: Mr James ShoneH
01/07/201713:00SchoolCricket 1st v OWBA
01/07/201713:00SchoolParents’ Association Summer FeteH
01/07/201714:30SchoolCricket Junior House Competition
01/07/201714:30SchoolTennis (B & G) v OWBA
01/07/201716:00SchoolShooting v OWBA
01/07/201716:00SchoolNorth Devon Fringe Theatre Workshop - TBC
02/07/2017All DaySchoolBoarders’ Service at East Buckland Church
02/07/2017All DaySchoolNorth Devon Fringe Theatre Workshop - TBC
02/07/201712:00SchoolOWBA AGM, OWBA Marquee, Cricket Pavilion
02/07/201716:00SchoolBoarders’ Activity: Summer Festival
03/07/201713:15SchoolColours Committee Meeting
04/07/201717:30SchoolDance Festival: Choreographic Platform for New Work 150 Theatre
04/07/201718:30SchoolPrep School Summer ConcertMemorial Hall
05/07/201709:15SchoolTennis (B & G) U15, U13 N Devon Schools’ TournamentTarka Tennis
05/07/201711:00SchoolCricket 1st v Devon Dumplings CCH
05/07/201714:00SchoolCricket U11A, U10 v Exeter Cathedral SchoolH
05/07/201714:00SchoolRounders U11A, U10 v Exeter Cathedral SchoolH
05/07/201717:30SchoolYear 6 Parents v Pupils Rounders & Celebration BBQ
05/07/201718:00SchoolYear 12 ReviewMemorial Hall
06/07/201709:00SchoolYear 8 Geography Field Trip, Exmoor (return 17:00)
06/07/201714:00SchoolCricket 1st v Bristol Grammar SchoolH
06/07/201718:30SchoolStaff Farewells Memorial Hall
07/07/2017All DaySchoolEnglish Schools’ AA Track & Field Championships, Birmingham (to Saturday)
07/07/201709:15SchoolSenior School Sports Day
07/07/201715:00SchoolPrep School Final Assembly
07/07/201716:30SchoolTerm ends after Sports Day
08/07/2017All DaySchoolEnglish Schools’ AA Track & Field Championships, Birmingham
08/07/201708:00SchoolYears 11-13 Gold D of E Expedition, N Wales departs (return Thu 13th)
08/07/201709:00SchoolBoarders depart
08/07/201709:00SchoolCCF, Okehampton Camp departs (return Fri 14th)
08/07/201709:00SchoolGold D of E to Snowdonia departs (return Thu 13th)
08/07/201709:00SchoolCCF Summer Camp begins (return Fri 14th)

May 2017
Date Start End Category Description
01/05/2017All DaySchoolNormal School Day/Open Day
26/05/201716:30SchoolHalf Term begins
27/05/201709:00SchoolBoarders depart
June 2017
Date Start End Category Description
04/06/201716:00SchoolBoarders return
05/06/201708:40SchoolTerm resumes
July 2017
Date Start End Category Description
07/07/201716:30SchoolTerm ends after Sports Day
08/07/201709:00SchoolBoarders depart
August 2017
Date Start End Category Description
30/08/201708:40SchoolTerm begins
October 2017
Date Start End Category Description
13/10/201716:30SchoolHalf Term begins
14/10/201709:00SchoolBoarders depart
29/10/201716:00SchoolBoarders return
30/10/201708:40SchoolTerm resumes
December 2017
Date Start End Category Description
15/12/201716:15SchoolTerm ends after Carol Service
16/12/201709:00SchoolBoarders depart
January 2018
Date Start End Category Description
07/01/201816:00SchoolBoarders return
08/01/201808:40SchoolTerm begins
February 2018
Date Start End Category Description
09/02/201816:30SchoolHalf Term begins
10/02/201809:00SchoolBoarders depart
18/02/201816:00SchoolBoarders return
19/02/201808:40SchoolTerm resumes
March 2018
Date Start End Category Description
28/03/201817:10SchoolTerm ends
29/03/201809:00SchoolBoarders depart
April 2018
Date Start End Category Description
15/04/201816:00SchoolBoarders return
16/04/201808:40SchoolTerm begins
May 2018
Date Start End Category Description
07/05/2018All DaySchoolNormal School Day
25/05/201816:30SchoolHalf Term begins
26/05/201809:00SchoolBoarders depart
June 2018
Date Start End Category Description
03/06/201816:00SchoolBoarders return
04/06/201808:40SchoolTerm resumes
30/06/201816:00SchoolTerm ends
July 2018
Date Start End Category Description
01/07/201809:00SchoolBoarders depart