The Brereton Society

The Brereton Society was founded in order to honour those who have helped in the past, and as a means of expressing our thanks to supporters who have chosen to endow the school during their lifetime. The inclusion of a legacy in a Will is perhaps the ultimate gift and the West Buckland School Foundation recognises these individual’s generosity and commitment to the school. It is for this reason that the Brereton Society exists.

Membership of the Brereton Society is granted to all those who have communicated their intention to leave a legacy to the Foundation or who have made donations of £5000 or over. Because the contents of a Will are generally personal and private, no list of members is published but an annual lunch is held where the Foundation can express its gratitude in a quiet way and keep members up to date with current development plans. We also believe that members of that society will share their experience and wisdom to advise the Foundation on its future endeavours.

"I decided to become a Brereton Society Member to help others in the future enjoy the benefits of a West Buckland education"
Mike Coe 1952-1959 B

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