International students are expected to have a reasonable competence in spoken and written English on arrival at West Buckland and the ability to progress with the specialist support of the ESL department.

Overseas students applying to study at West Buckland should provide the following to start their application:

  • Copies of their last two school reports
  • A piece of their handwriting (one to two sides of A4), written in English, telling us about themselves, their hobbies and interests

This information will be reviewed and students are then usually interviewed by the Headmaster or Head of ESL. Skype is used to interview students unable to visit the school in person.

Some students may also be asked to take assessments in English and maths. Students wishing to study French or Spanish will also take an assessment in these subjects.

For entry at Years 7-11, the school assesses students on their academic abilities and potential to achieve five or more GCSE passes at C grade when they complete Year 11.

For A-level entry into Years 12-13, the overarching criterion is a student’s suitability to follow four courses at AS level which are primarily academic rather than vocational in nature. There would normally be the expectation that a student will then proceed to three A-level courses in Year 13.

For further information on our admissions process and to apply for a place, please contact Mrs Lorraine Millar:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+44(0)1598 760178