It is a requirement of the school that all international students whose families live outside the UK have an appointed guardian. This can be a family friend or relative living permanently in the UK, preferably not too distant from the school. Alternatively, the school can provide a list of the guardianship companies that are used by our current students but we cannot recommend any one individual or company, as the appointment of a guardian must be entirely the parents’ decision.

We encourage guardians to play an active part in supporting a pupil’s life in school and they are welcome, in exactly the same way as parents, to events such as concerts, sports fixtures, or Parents’ Consultation evenings to discuss pupils’ academic progress.

We strongly encourage guardians to maintain regular contact with the boarding houseparents to keep them informed of practical arrangements affecting the child. It is particularly important that guardians ensure that houseparents are given accurate information about a boarder’s accommodation and travel arrangements at the beginning and end of school holidays and at half terms. This should be provided as early as possible but no later than two weeks before the start of any school holiday.

Guardians are also responsible for giving permission for routine and emergency medical procedures, or for trips and activities which may incur a cost.

If you need any help on organising guardianship arrangements, please e-mail the Headmaster’s Secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.