Prime Areas of Learning

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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

West Buckland Nursery’s aim is to help children develop a positive sense of themselves and of others, to develop self-confidence, empathy, responsibility and kindness. Interactive play, positive role models and encouragement to talk about and manage their feelings help children to achieve this. They are encouraged to make friends, to share and to behave in a manner that shows respect for each other. This leads to happy children and a happy Nursery environment.

Communication and Language

All children are given opportunities and encouragement to express themselves to each other, to staff and to a wider audience. Their contributions are valued and, in turn, they are helped to value others’ input. Our Nursery staff interact with the children, asking questions and stimulating the children to communicate their ideas.

Understanding is developed by talking with children and helping them to reflect upon and explain events. They listen to and follow carefully worded instructions. They play games requiring them to follow directions. They listen to stories and talk about the sequence of events and about the various characters. They are helped to acquire an ever extending vocabulary by ensuring they have rich experiences accompanied by spoken interaction.

Physical Development

Children in our Nursery have wide opportunities to develop their physical abilities. In PE lessons they learn to run, to change direction, to roll, jump, skip and hop, all of which promote balance and co-ordination. They practise movement skills through games with beanbags, balls and hoops. They use small and large play equipment and have regular access to our Adventure playground. In the Summer Term, parents are invited to our Sports Day which involves children from the Nursery, Reception, Prep One and Prep Two all participating together.

We are lucky to have a 25m heated indoor pool on site which means that West Buckland Nursery children have swimming lessons throughout the year. They are taught by qualified swimming instructors and they are encouraged to swim confidently and safely, progressing at the rate that is right for them.

Fine motor skills are developed through painting, writing, cutting, cooking and through the use of various tools. There is a wide range of construction toys of different sizes and of small play equipment, all of which enhance children’s manipulative skills.

In essence, we provide a stimulating, safe environment in which children may develop, enjoy and gain confidence in their physical abilities.