Specific Areas of Learning

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We aim to do all we can to ensure that your child has the very best start in life. Positive relationships and an enabling environment will ensure that your child has every opportunity to learn and develop. On-going observation and formative assessment of each child allow our highly qualified and experienced staff to find ways to strengthen and develop your child’s learning and development.

The Early Years Foundation Stage comprises three prime areas of learning and development and four specific areas.


Our aim is to maximise children’s experience of letters and sounds to help them develop skills which will lead naturally to reading and writing. Our enthusiastic staff give encouragement, support and confidence to children as they learn about letter sounds, formation and words. Our Nursery is an environment rich in print on walls and colourful displays, and it is full of enticing story and information books. Stories form an exciting part of every day. Every child has reading books to take home to share with parents in order to develop and enhance their experience of the written word.

Writing becomes a natural step in learning as children are surrounded by opportunities to practise their skills using different media to stimulate their interest and motivate their engagement. Writing in sand, on paper, in paint, on whiteboards, in chalk, even in cookery all help to focus and train whilst giving enjoyment and broadened experience.


Our highly qualified and experienced staff ensure that children are given every opportunity to become confident and competent in learning and using key mathematical skills. Practical mathematical experience of number and number language ensure that each child’s mathematical understanding is enhanced. Number stories, songs, games, play and rhymes all help to embed and develop their awareness and conception naturally and with real enjoyment.

Understanding the World

Helping children to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of the world and people around them is a vital part of Nursery life. Stimulating activities are organised to allow children first-hand experience, experimentation and exploration. Children are encouraged to observe, predict and discuss their findings, thereby stimulating interest and curiosity.

Weekly forest school afternoons ensure that the children have first-hand knowledge of the local environment. They explore nature at first hand and learn to empathise with and appreciate the natural world.

Expressive Arts and Design

Our Nursery provides children with wide-ranging experiences which enable them to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials. They are given opportunities to experiment with colours, with textures and design using paint, scissors, glue, glitter, sand and clay.

The children benefit from specialist music teaching by the Prep School’s inspirational Director of Music, Dominic Carter. They are introduced to a wide range of music. They have opportunities to experiment with different instruments, learning about the way they are played and the sounds they make. They learn songs and add instrumental accompaniments and actions to enhance them.

Dance and drama are important aspects of our children’s development, giving them the opportunity to express themselves and to communicate with an audience composed of their peers in the classroom, or of parents and friends at our eagerly awaited termly events in the 150 Theatre.