Bursar's Info

West Buckland School - Bursar's Information for Parents 2017/2018

The following information concerns payments and services.

Any queries please telephone the Fees Secretary on 01598 760108.

Payment of Bills: The preferred method of payment for school fees is Direct Debit.

  • Direct Debit: This is the schools preferred method of payment and can be made either monthly or termly. Forms can be obtained from the Bursary to set up this method of payment, please be aware that it takes 10 days to start up a Direct Debit.
  • Bank Transfer: Settlement can be made through your own bank using the bank account details provided on the invoice.
  • Cheque: Please send a cheque (made payable to West Buckland School) to the school; please ensure your parent account number is written on the back of all cheques.
  • Monthly payments: Regular payments spread over 12 months must be made by the start of each month. The first payment for the new school year must take place in August. Calculation of the monthly sum is reached by dividing each Termly invoice by 4.

Late Payment or Non-Payment of Fees

Unless monthly payments are started by 5th august, they are not acceptable. Termly bills must be settled on, or before, the first day of term.

A surcharge, at a rate of 2% above Bank Base Rate per month will be made for every day the bill remains unpaid. The charge will be added to the School Account.

If accounts have not been settled in full or payment plans agreed, the Governors may insist that pupils do not return after the respective half term. Therefore, if late payment in unavoidable, please inform the Bursary as soon as possible.


*These services only run if the Bursary has been notified of requirements by the House Parent not less than one week prior to half term or the end of term and that sufficient numbers wish to travel.

Overseas Destination - Parents of overseas pupils are responsible for arrangements from UK airports and the home destination. The school provides official transport at the start and end of term to transport boarders to and from London Heathrow and Exeter or Tiverton Rail Station.  

Transport and staff will be at Heathrow Terminal 5 between 11.00 and 14.00hrs on the last day of the holiday to collect boarders for the return journey to school. Transport leaves West Buckland for Heathrow Terminal 5 at 06.00hrs on the first day of the holiday period, with an estimated arrival at Heathrow of 11.00hrs.  Please ensure that you book flight arrival and departures to coincide with these transport times taking account of the need for individuals to process through passport control and baggage areas.

Transport to Exeter or Tiverton Rail Station is on request with transport departing the school at 09.00hrs on first day of holidays and collection from the station available between 14.00 & 17.00hrs on the last day of holiday.

Pocket Money/Cash Advances - Parents wishing to send pocket money as part of the payment of the Termly bill may do so, but please indicate how much is pocket money. If pupils require additional money over their pocket money, e.g. holiday expenses, weekend leaves and occasional travel, an appropriate amount should be lodged at the Bursary in advance.

Bus Travel - Boarders may travel on buses if there are spare seats available. Applications should be made via the Houseparents.

Trunk Storage - Trunks may be left in the school during the holidays. Storage is £3.50 per week per large trunk/suitcase.

Day Pupils

Bus Fares - Children in the Prep School have their fares calculated on a weekly basis and these are charged Termly in advance. Information regarding timetables and new fares are forwarded once a year before the start of the Autumn Term. Pupils withdrawing from this service must give a week's notice. If buses are not used, parents of Prep School pupils may apply for a refund from the Bursary of bus fares already paid. Refunds are paid in weekly amounts, as part weeks are not refundable. A single journey charge is 70% of the return fare.

Lunches - Charges are calculated on a weekly basis and are charged Termly in advance. Pupils withdrawing from school lunches must give a week's notice. Pupils who would normally have packed lunches and are found to be taking school lunches without permission or signing in will be charged for the whole term.

All Pupils

In general most items are charged in advance, except extras, which are charged in arrears.

Insurances - As part of the overall fee structure all pupils are insured automatically under a Pupil Personal Accident Insurance Scheme.

Fees Refund Scheme - This is strongly recommended and an application form will have been sent to all new pupils, once returned the cover will start.

Pupils' personal belongings and equipment are not covered by the school and should therefore be insured under parents' household insurance policies.

Advance Deposits

The deposit, less any outstanding charges, will be refunded after the child has left the school (usually during October). It cannot be used against the final Termly bill.


Name Taping - The school will supply and affix nametapes to all clothing for 15p per tape. The tape gives the pupil's name and House and can be removed when required.

Laundry - Un-named clothing or "hand wash" items are not accepted.

Bedding - Pupils are required to use duvets. Please provide a duvet, a pillow, 2 duvet covers, 2 pillow cases and 2 fitted bottom sheets, for changing purposes.


The school will provide an e-mail facility for pupils.


The school Fax Number is 01598 760546. Pupils may receive fax messages from parents. There is a handling charge 50p. Pupils sending a fax message are charged £1.

Overnight Stays

An overnight stay can generally be arranged. Please contact the school on 01598 760000 to check prices and availability.

Meals - School meals are charged as follows: Breakfast £2.25; Lunch £3.40; Tea £2.50. Meals taken as part of an actual team event (e.g. cricket lunch) are not charged.

School Contracts

In the event of the Contract not having been signed, the attendance of your child/children at the School, and payment of the school bill, will be interpreted by the School as acceptance of the Parental Contract.