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The Prep School at Key Stage Two (7-11 year olds) is based in a new building with excellent teaching facilities and six spacious classrooms. Pupils entering Year 3, aged 7, engage in a structured and differentiated timetable, which included all the traditional subjects and many others as well.

Our pupils in Years 4,5 and 6, aged 8-11, take full advantage of specialist teachers and resources. Class tutors are responsible for the academic welfare of the children. Tutors have daily contact with their tutees and continue to teach some of the core subjects to their class. The children are also introduced to a number of specialist teachers who will continue to teach them when they join the Senior School.

Tutors continue to teach the core subjects but there are also a variety of specialists who are able to spend time teaching their particular subject. This is a vital preparation for the transfer into the Senior School. Scholarships are available at 11+. Please contact us for further details.


My favourite part of the school day is:

“History and English because I want to write books when I am older and some of my favourite authors write about things in the past, just changing them a bit” – Chloe Yr5
“All the lessons because I want to learn” – Emma, Yr6