Prep Entry

There is not a formal examination into the Prep School at any stage. However, we do adhere to an entry policy and the details can be found on this website.

We always like to meet the parents and the child before making a place offer, although occasionally that is not possible. We also need to have sight of school reports where possible and relevant.

The most important aspect of the whole process is for the parents, the child and the school to be able to forge a working relationship together based on mutual trust and respect. If a parent chooses to send their child to West Buckland we expect to be able to have a partnership together to help in the development of skills, to facilitate learning and to foster all the other important qualities that children need to live a happy and successful life.

Students applying for admission to West Buckland who are attending overseas schools may not be able to visit and therefore will be asked to submit reports on their academic performance from their current school. Each application from overseas will be managed according to the individual circumstances of the student and family.