Scholarships & Bursaries

Fee Assistance

Academic Scholarships

11+ Awarded on the results of an entrance assessment which takes place in January for entry into Year 7 in September Entrance Assessment 21st January 2017

Awarded to current Year 8 pupils based on end of year internal exam results and overall performance through the year.

Applications from external candidates considered on an individual basis

End of academic year performance for internal candidates

Awarded to internal candidates based on performance at GCSE

Awarded to external candidates on the results of an entrance assessment

Entrance assessment for external candidates Saturday 21st January 2017

Music Scholarships

Available at 11+, 13+ and 16+ based on audition and interview. Music Scholars are expected to achieve at least these standards:

  • 11+ principal instrument at Grade 3+, plus second study instrument or the ability to sing;
  • 13+ principal instrument at Grade 4/5+ and a second study instrument or the ability to sing;
  • 16+ principal instrument at Grade 6/7+ and a second study instrument at Grade 4+ or a good vocal ability.

The Music Scholarship assessments for September 2017 entry will take place on 26th January 2017. 

Sports Scholarships

Available at 11+, 13+ and 16+ based on assessment and references. Sports Scholars are expected to play a full part of the sporting life of the school, including a commitment to representing the school in at least two major sports teams throughout their time at the school. Loyalty to the school should always take precedence over clubs during term time. Sports Scholars will be role models in both sport and the school community generally.

The Sports Scholarships assessments for September 2017 entry will take place on 26th January 2017. 

Art Scholarship

Available at 16+ to an outstanding candidate intending to study art at A- level. The position will be one of responsibility and trust and there will be an expectation that an art scholar will lead by example and assist with the showcasing of art at West Buckland.

Candidates will be required to attend a 30 minute interview with the Head of Art and submit a portfolio of work which should be a minimum of ten pieces. This can come in the form of a traditional portfolio or clear digital images. This can include GCSE pieces and/or other pieces of work that support the application.

The Art Scholarship assessment for September 2017 entry will take place on 26th January 2017. 

Boarding Scholarships

Available at 16+ to pupils who are currently either day pupils at West Buckland School or are educated elsewhere in the South West of England. These awards are intended to enable students to maximise the opportunities open to them at West Buckland School in the academic domain, and also to make the fullest use of the extracurricular opportunities available at the school. Applicants will be assessed on how they will benefit from these opportunities to board, and how their contribution as a boarder will enrich the life of the residential community in the Sixth Form.

Application deadline 5th December 2016.


All bursaries are awarded only after parents have completed a confidential statement of financial circumstances. This will normally be accompanied by a letter giving supporting information about the family circumstances now as well as some indication of how these circumstances may develop in the future. Details of bursary awards must remain confidential and any breach by parents may lead to withdrawal of the award.

Awards will usually be made with the expectation that this will be an agreement to facilitate continuity of education through to a ‘natural break point’ in education at age 11, 14 or 16. However, all bursaries are subject to annual reassessment and families are required to submit a new statement of financial circumstances by May each year. Parents are expected to provide supporting documentation on request. Failure to do so or wilful provision of misleading information may lead to the withdrawal of a bursary.

HM Forces Bursaries

We are able to offer bursaries to families from HM Forces who are eligible for Continuation of Education Allowance (CEA).