Learning for achievement, learning for pleasure

The support, guidance and encouragement given by our dedicated teachers to our pupils provides confidence and sound values to enable them to enter adult life with a sense of self-worth and enthusiasm.

Academic standards are high at West Buckland School, and we are proud of them. We have an impressive range of extra curricular activities that are an important part of school life for pupils and staff and we have high expectations of every pupil in terms of academic work, commitment, conduct and their responsibilities to each other.

We aim to provide a challenging and exciting curriculum for all our students.

While the National Curriculum influences our work, we take full advantage of our independence to provide wide ranging and stimulating experiences for our children. We encourage them to enjoy learning and prepare them for the opportunities which will face them in their lives beyond school.

The details of our curriculum vary from year to year, and are published in the special booklets available to all parents.

From Year 7 our pupils study three separate sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, each taught by subject specialists. This provides a very stimulating course and a secure foundation for those taking sciences at A-level. All students are encouraged to learn modern languages, with many studying two languages to GCSE and A-level.

Year 11 pupils normally take a further eight or nine GCSE subjects. Our students usually study English Language and Literature, Mathematics, at least one modern language, two or three sciences and one or more practical or creative subjects. We provide a very flexible range of options which makes full allowance for the individual needs and interests of pupils, and choices are made with the guidance of the Director of Studies and other staff.

Pupils study using modern facilities with increasing use of Information and Communications Technology for teaching and learning in all subjects. The IT Centre forms the heart of the whole school network. There are many clusters of computers in classrooms, library and resources centre and other buildings throughout the campus, ensuring students have every opportunity to work independently.

Students from overseas receive individual support from the English as a Second Language Department. A mixture of individual, group and self-access courses ensures that students make rapid progress and are able to study the whole curriculum in English.

The Personalised Learning Department also provides support for children with specific learning difficulties taught in small groups as well as in the mainstream curriculum. The Department also provides advice for subject specialist teachers to enable them to work successfully with all children across the curriculum.