Years 7-9

We aim to provide a broad and balanced programme for all our pupils, which builds upon the National Curriculum and provides the basis for subsequent study at GCSE and Advanced Level.

In Year 7 all pupils study the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • French
  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics studied as ‘separate sciences’.
  • Geography, History and Religious Studies
  • Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Food and Nutrition, Information Technology, Music
  • Physical Education and Games

In Year 8 we offer the opportunity for pupils to take up a second modern foreign language, Spanish.

On entering the school pupils join one of four houses – Brereton, Courtenay, Fortescue and Grenville. A significant proportion of a pupils lessons in Year 7 are taught in these groupings, which helps to provide new pupils with stability, and our ability to monitor their progress.

As pupils move through the school, and setting is introduced in some subjects, the proportion of lessons taught in house groupings diminishes.


GCSE 2018/2019

The curriculum that has been studied at Key Stage 3, the first three years in the senior school, has been designed to form a broad educational base on which to build. It has been modelled on the National Curriculum, but we have taken advantage of our independence to depart from that where we saw opportunities to offer advantages to our pupils. The same principle underlies the curriculum in Years 10 and 11: to adapt the National Curriculum in order to develop further certain key areas of study. This extension lies particularly in the fields of science and languages.

An element of choice becomes important at this stage of education. There will still be opportunities for pupils to develop special strengths and interests.

Compulsory Subjects

The following subjects are compulsory:

  • English: English Language and English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered as separate sciences. Pupils must select at least one. It is our strong recommendation that the majority of pupils should select at least two sciences, in which case, for aspiring scientists, one should be Chemistry.
  • A modern language: French or Spanish. Pupils with a significant learning difficulty may have the option not to take a modern language, following discussion with the Director of Studies.