Exam Results


GCSE 2017 A-Level 2017
GCSE 2016 A-Level 2016
GCSE 2015 A-Level 2015


A-level performance has been consistently excellent over many years and we have a strong track record in helping our students get to some of the best universities.


  • Five year average A* to A: 42.1% (national average 24.9%)
  • Five year average A* to B: 70.4% (national average 51.3%)
  • In 2017 more than 50% of all exam entries in Maths, Art and Design, Chemistry, French, Spanish, Geography and Religious Studies being awarded the highest A* and A grades.
  • Also in 2017, almost 80% of Further Mathematics students achieved A*to A


For over a decade well over two thirds of all A-level exams taken have been passed at either A*, A or B grades. These results enable the majority of West Buckland sixth formers to progress to their first choice universities and courses. Large numbers secure places at some of the most competitive, highly respected and research intensive universities in the UK, including Russell Group institutions.

The impressive outcomes our sixth formers achieve are all the more remarkable because of the breadth of entry into our sixth form. Unlike some institutions where the policy is not to admit students who are not necessarily destined to achieve the highest grades, at West Buckland we welcome a wide range of students, some of whom have more modest GCSE grades and provide them with the first class academic and personal support which enables them to surpass their own expectations and progress to higher education and make good choices for their future.

Our record of adding value to our students’ results is consistently strong and, in many years, has been in the ‘statistically significant’ range.


Our GCSE results over many years have consistently placed us amongst the top performing schools in the South West of England.

The 2017 results featured newly reformed and more rigorous GCSE examinations, with English Language, English Literature and mathematics marked on a new numerical grading scale of 9-1, with the highest entries awarded a 9. A key aspect of the new grading system are the two levels of passes that have been introduced by the Department for Education, with a "standard pass" at grade 4 and a "strong pass" at grade 5.


  • In English Language, English Literature and mathematics, an impressive 88.1% of West Buckland pupils achieved a strong pass of 5 or higher
  • In mathematics over 65% of pupils achieved the top 9-7 grades (equivalent to A*/A)
  • In the subjects marked on the conventional A* to G scale, 60.3% of exams were awarded the top A* and A grades, 85.6% of entries were passed at A* to B with an overall pass rate at A* to C of 95.2%
  • Over the last four years well over 50% of entries in Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry have been marked at either A* or A grades (or the numerical equivalent)


Our policy of welcoming students to the school who can aspire to five or more C grades at GCSE means that we have a broad entry. Our excellent results are testament to the quality of teaching and care for students and their hard work and application.

Our teachers are as delighted by the student who has exceeded expectations with perhaps six or seven GCSEs at B or C grade as they are for the student who achieves at the very highest levels. Over many years, our record of adding value to pupils’ performance at all levels is consistently positive.

Our options system and exam entry policies reflect well our desire to give students the opportunities to succeed across a broad range of subjects. Our approach is certainly not influenced by any attempt to maximise our position in the so-called 'league tables'. While we are delighted by the achievements of the majority of our students who earn large numbers of A and A* grades, we do not allow this measure to distort educational judgements for all of our boys and girls.