Entry to Higher Education

2018 - Entry to Higher Education

2017 - Entry to Higher Education

2016 - Entry to Higher Education

In each of the past three years, a consistent 50% of students have taken up places at universities in the Russell Group, often recognised as our most prestigious, research-intensive universities. These universities invariably make very challenging offers to A-level students, usually expecting grades of at least ABB and in many cases significantly higher than this.

Many students frequently move on to specialist courses at other outstanding higher education institutions of all kinds, including music conservatoires, specialist dance and drama schools, colleges of art and agricultural colleges, as well as excellent departments in many of the newer universities.

Increasingly, students are considering other options. Some are choosing to study overseas in areas such as Hong Kong, the USA and Europe. The school also has a positive relationship with the University of Sydney and facilitates discussions on scholarships for talented sportsmen and women at colleges in the USA. Others prefer to move straight into employment, including self-employment, apprenticeships and employer-led school leaver programmes in a range of sectors including agriculture and finance.

West Buckland sixth formers benefit from first-class information, advice and support from the Head of Careers and Higher Education and the team of tutors who possess a wealth of experience in a variety of key areas. The diversity of courses West Buckland sixth formers choose to study is remarkable and is a clear reflection of the breadth of their education at this school.

All international students benefit from guidance and support when it comes to deciding what to do after completing A-levels. A summary of our guidance is available here.