Girls' Boarding

boarding 01

Bamfylde is our modern and spacious boarding house which houses girls between Years 7 and 11. The house enjoys good facilities including a large communal lounge area with a breakfast bar, flat screen television and DVD player and sound system.

The smaller lounge area upstairs also has a television and is available for use exclusively by Year 11 girls.

The common room has a kitchen area and storage space where students can prepare their own small snacks. There is also a small kitchen upstairs as well as a chest freezer where items such as ice cream are commonly stored as an evening treat!

The younger girls in Years 7-9 share spacious bedrooms. The largest can accommodate up to six girls but most are in rooms for two or four boarders. After Year 9, all girls share double bedrooms with a sense of independence and privacy. There is a large bathroom in each corridor which includes both shower and bath space.

As with all boarding houses, the girls have access to IT facilities and Skype.

The houseparents, a teaching assistant and students work closely in order to ensure the house is a happy place to be. Bamfylde comprises a close knit community offering companionship and friendship in a relaxed environment.