West Buckland still welcomes new enquiries for 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the school is currently  implementing a comprehensive online academic programme for all of our students, using Microsoft Teams. Our aim is to continue to provide  this until such time as we are able to open again.

Our Admissions office is still open for enquiries for September 2020 and beyond.

The school will continue to support the North Devon community through provision of PPE and practical help, as long as it is needed.


Encouraging students to develop the broader dimensions of their education.

Art at West Buckland School

Art students at West Buckland enjoy some of the most outstanding facilities in the South West of England and even beyond.

The art departments ethos is to focus on the individual. Through discussion and critiques students are encouraged and supported to follow their ideas through to personal and mature outcomes. Sixth Form students have open access to their own studio and art library.

Our Art Facilities

The stunning 150 Building opened in 2010 and the design of the department has been produced by specialists who understand fully the needs of art students in the 21st century.

The facilities enable the department to offer painting, sculpture and mixed media but also new opportunities in print, ceramics and photography, both digital and traditional.

Tour the 150 Building

Out & About

Visits and residentials are an important part of the syllabus and we make regular trips to galleries in London and the Tate in St. Ives.  Our art residentials have included trips to Wales and Cornwall where students in the Sixth Form live and work as artists creating exciting and dynamic work.

Artist in Residence

We are also one of the few schools to have an Artist in Residence who, as well as working on their own pieces, provides additional guidance, support and inspiration to students.

Open Access

The department is generally open during the conventional working day as well as after school and boarding students who study at GCSE level and above have access to an art studio at the weekends.