Student Profiles

Lizzie – Year 13


I started in Reception so West Buckland has certainly been a major part of my life! I am currently in Year 13 and studying geography, maths and statistics and PE as A-levels.

So far I have had the most memorable experience as a member of the Sixth Form and I believe that it is only set to improve with the incredible new facilities that we now have. Everybody else that joins us and gets to spend time and work in this environment is extremely fortunate.

Sport has always been a huge part of my life and this has always been encouraged and there are lots of opportunities available.

I knew that starting Year 13 would be daunting but the support that I have been given has made it very enjoyable and exciting, at a time where a lot is at stake with the prospect of university applications.

I chose to board for my last year as I hoped I would be able to get even more from the community and take advantage of the opportunities that I had access to whilst I still had the chance.

As Deputy Head of School, senior netball captain, a member of charities committee and also part of the 1st XII hockey I am immersed in West Buckland life and am thankful for all the different experiences I have.


Tom – Year 12


I am currently studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Year 12. I have been in the school since Year 4, and in that time I feel that West Buckland has enabled me to meet a wide range of people or different nationalities and make some really good, life-long friends.

Whilst there is a lot of work, the teachers give me the support I need, when I need it. I am a boarder, currently living in Parker’s, the new sixth form house – it has a very good atmosphere both during the day and also after school, with the right combination of working and interacting, making it a very productive and enjoyable place to live. The house parents are also very kind, hardworking and helpful, but at the same time treat people with respect. Boarding is definitely something that I would recommend as it helps you to become a more independent, resourceful individual.


Georgina – Year 11


I joined West Buckland in Year 5, and am now in Year 11, currently studying for my GSCEs. I love everybody here, teachers and students alike. The teachers provide a lot of support and all the students here are lovely and I have made some amazing friends.

I feel that the teachers are really helping me to reach my academic potential not just in the lessons, but in the other activities they organise such as careers lunches, Hippocratic society and mock interviews. 

I really enjoy sport - the facilities and coaches are great and the training sessions are enjoyable. I really feel my sporting aptitude has improved as a result.


Mikhail – Year 9 - Russia


Hello. My name is Mikhail Grishchenko, I am from Russia. I have started studying in this school since Easter holidays in Year 8 and now I am in Year 9. I am enjoying my time here and I have got many friends. I am enjoying the boarding community and it made me a much more responsible person.  Here, unlike Russian schools, I have an opportunity to choose subjects which are interesting for me and might be connected with my future higher education.  In my A-Levels (in the twelfth and thirteenth class), I plan to study chemistry, biology and physics.


Hilary - Year 9


I am in Year 9 and I came here last year from Hong Kong. I really enjoy all the programmes and classes here, the school does a lot of interesting subjects and the teachers make it fun and knowledgeable.

If I finish my lessons, I will go and find my friends and play ball games together. At school I am in the netball team and the hockey team and play volleyball regularly. I’m glad that I am in the sports teams as I get to meet different people and learn new skills. I really enjoy being here at the school and especially the sport!


Fred – Year 13


I’m in Year 13 and I am from Macau, China. I have boarded ever since joining West Buckland in Year 9 and I’m currently studying music, history and economics at A-level. There are some great teachers and the small class sizes help me to learn in detail and give me the confidence to ask questions.

The school is great at giving a lot of opportunities, especially in the Sixth Form. It arranges visits to universities, helps us with mock interviews and just generally gives lots of good advice to help you decide the route to take after finishing A-levels.

There are great sporting and musical activities with different choirs, orchestras and bands to choose from. For me, it’s all about the music, and there are so many things to do! There is a chamber orchestra, a concert band, a choir, a smaller chapel choir, a jazz band and also individual instrument lessons. This is just the music department, and in most departments there are lots of extra-curricular opportunities. These can open up new horizons and can provide a welcome balance against the demands of studying A-levels…

The boarding experience is exciting and there is always something to do after school and at weekends. The house parents are really supportive and I have many great friends. I feel very fortunate to be here.


Sunny – Year 13


I joined West Buckland School in Year 9 as a boarder and completed my GCSEs in 2014. I am now in Year 13 and am currently studying A-level physics, chemistry and Spanish.

A-levels aren’t easy. The jump up from GCSE is considerable, but the support received from both peers and staff help to ensure you are given every opportunity to attain the grades you want. If you also put in the effort.

West Buckland has taught me some valuable life skills such as organisation and time management as well as enabling me to make many great friends.

Academic work aside, being in the Sixth Form has given me some invaluable experiences both on the sports field and in roles of leadership and responsibility. I am currently Head Boarding Prefect and last year I was Head of Boyer House (boy’s boarding house), student representative for the new sixth form building with the Board of Governors, a link prefect and editor of the school magazine.