Sixth Form Entry

Entrants to the Sixth Form will normally be expected to achieve an average points score at GCSE of 5.0 having entered at least eight subjects. B grades will be expected in at least two subjects, usually in those subjects to be studied at AS-level.

For students whose first language is not English, there would be no expectation to study eight or more subjects at GCSE.

The overarching criterion is a student’s suitability to follow courses at AS level which are primarily academic rather than vocational in nature. There would normally be the expectation that a student will proceed to A2 courses in Year 13, but there may be occasions when it is anticipated that a student will only undertake AS courses.

Evidence to support an application to the Sixth Form will come from many sources including:

  • academic progress during Year 11
  • GCSE results (measured in terms of average points scores but with individual circumstances taken into consideration)
  • targets for Sixth Form and beyond
  • attitude to school life in general

Advice to students who are already at West Buckland School is given in the course of Year 11. Students currently not studying at West Buckland are invited along with their parents to discuss an application to the Sixth Form at any time during their schooling.

Sixth Form Admissions

The majority of West Buckland students taking GCSEs will progress into the Sixth Form and advice to our current students is given in the course of Year 11. We are also welcoming increasing numbers of students who are joining us after completing their GCSEs elsewhere along with a number of international students from across the world.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us to arrange a visit and find out what the West Buckland Sixth Form can offer you.