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House System

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The Prep School is divided into four Houses; Badgers, Buzzards, Otters and Stags. This gives us a structure within which we can organise many extra-curricular activities for the members of the school. The House system encourages interaction and support between the age groups and promotes the idea that being part of a team is very important and that every member of the team has something worthwhile to contribute. Although most competitions will produce ‘winners’ of whom we are justly proud, the points system is such that, for most events, every child’s achievement counts towards the overall winning position.

The Houses compete in the following events:

The Swimming Gala
General Knowledge Quiz
Athletics/Sports Day
Cross-Country running

My favourite part of the school day is:

“Art because I like to explore all the different topics” – Eleanor, Yr6
“Sport, DT, Art and Maths because we always do fun things” – Mimi Yr5


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Drama is an important part of the curriculum and school life for all our pupils. It is embedded in Personal, Social and Health Education, English and Religious Studies and is used to enhance assemblies through tutor group sketches and role play.

Every year our older pupils have the opportunity to perform in plays and musicals, and our younger children give their own dramatic presentations. Speech, drama, poetry and dance are all popular and our own members of staff are supported by specialist visiting music teachers.


My favourite activity at school is:

“Play practice because I like drama” – Isaac Yr4
“Sport and Drama because you are in the fresh air (sport) and you’re having a chance to perform (drama)” – Anauska, Yr6

Clubs & Activities

Running and Swimming
Construction and Modelling
Nature Club
Green Goblin Go-Kart Construction (and racing)
Current Affairs


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A full and busy extra-curricular programme operates during the lunch hour and after school every day. Children may choose to participate from a range of activities which over the year includes:

The children are very enthusiastic about all their clubs and activities and once they make their choices for the term are encouraged to stay with them for that term. At the beginning of every term they can choose a new set of activities. There is also an option for some children to have a supervised prep session after school.


My favourite part of the school day is:

“Clubs because you learn as well as have fun” – Anauska, Yr6

My favourite activity at school is:

“Forest school because I like to be with nature” – Tyler Yr6
“Chess club because it challenges me” – Hayden Yr4


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From the earliest age our children are encouraged to realise their creative talents. Music is a life skill which we take very seriously, but we also want these sessions to be fun and our pupils benefit from having a dedicated Director of Music to guide and encourage them.

From Nursery to Year 3, each class has three music lessons a week, with Years 4 to 6 receiving two lessons. In addition to these lessons, all children in Year 2 have a group violin lesson every week. In Year 3, the children have a group recorder and keyboard lesson for a term.

Over half the pupils in the whole school learn at least one musical instrument and ten visiting music teachers provide individual tuition. There is an orchestra and two choirs for all pupils in Years 3 to 6.

We stage regular informal and formal music concerts at school, as well as performances at local venues and churches. Our children work very hard for these events, and parents are encouraged to support whenever possible.

Our music department is a significant strength in our school and we enjoy listening to the children as they develop their skills and expertise. Our children regularly gain music awards into the Senior School at 11+ and continue on their musical journey with confidence and enjoyment.


My favourite activity at school is:

“I’m not sure because I love them all.” – Tyler Yr6

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