Smaller Projects

The Foundation has been able to provide music, sports and classroom equipment for the school including a contribution towards a grand piano, equipment for the CCF and refurbishment of the swimming pool.

Donation Supports CCF and Rifle Shooting

A generous, anonymous donation towards shooting will enable hundreds of West Buckland pupils to experience a new sporting discipline. The gift enables the school to join the NSRA (National Small-bore Rifle Association) as an affiliated club and to purchase new equipment including smaller air rifles for younger pupils, a rifle with a left-hand bolt and air pistols.

The gift creates opportunities for hundreds pupils in the school to practise shooting and will enhance rifle practise in the CCF. Pupils from 10 years old will be able to learn safe techniques for using and maintaining air rifles and, hopefully, will be able to take part in shooting competitions in the future.


150 Building JESC

Over the past twelve years the Foundation has been fortunate to be able to support the school in the building and equipping of four major facilities on campus; the Jonathan Edwards Sports Centre in 2008, 150 building in 2010 and most recently; Parker’s, the new Sixth Form Boarding House and Centre and The Michael Morpurgo Library in 2015.

Together, we have been able to develop and enhance the facilities we can offer now and in the future; providing West Buckland students with opportunities of excelling not only academically but in sports and the arts. Its legacy is to be found in their achievements.


Sowing the Seeds

Girls Boarding

Becoming a member of our school gives a young person the opportunities to not only develop academically but as an individual and member of a community; they are able to make the most of arts and sports facilities which take them far beyond academia. The ethos of West Buckland helps children to excel. It is the opportunity to excel which, with the support of alumni, parents and the wider community the Foundation is able to offer through bursaries and capital projects.

The school benefits twice over from this support; both from the programmes you enable us to provide, but also from the students who make the most of these opportunities. Not only do they reap the benefits of a West Buckland education; we profit enormously from their talents, enthusiasm and commitment.


Shaping Futures Together

The Foundation is now in its 16th year and in the current academic year, we are proud to be supporting 17 students on our Bursary Programme on fully-funded bursaries.

The determination of Bursary students to achieve their potential in every way they can, and take advantage of every opportunity they can find, positively impacts on every part of our school community and cannot be undervalued.