The English Department aims to enthuse and inspire all students, whilst nurturing pupils’ skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, so that they can achieve their full potential.

We aim to fulfil this by providing pupils with a rich and diverse experience of both language and literature, which will also equip them with the necessary skills for analysis, creative writing and reading. We seek to promote an enjoyable learning environment with dynamic and varied teaching methods which cater for pupils of all abilities. We hope to instil a love of literature, as well as producing confident communicators who want to experiment with their creativity.

Our school motto, ‘Read and Reap’, aptly reflects the importance of reading at the heart of the curriculum; the Department has close links with the Library, where pupils are given the opportunity to read a wide variety of literature. They are also encouraged to read independently, solely for enjoyment. To this end, we follow a reading programme in Years 7-9 where pupils are able to work at their own pace and pursue their own interests.

In teaching the skills of speaking and listening, our aim is to enable our pupils to express themselves confidently and with clarity. Discussion plays a key role in English lessons, encouraging pupils to develop informed opinions supported by reasonable arguments free from prejudice and intolerance. Pupils practise a range of verbal skills so that they are able to speak for a variety of purposes and in different contexts.

Writing is a natural extension of many of the tasks undertaken in speaking and listening. Students write for a variety of purposes and in a range of forms, developing their capacity for constructive self-evaluation and improvement. The need for clarity and accuracy is balanced with a recognition of the importance of originality and creativity.

The English Department is housed in a suite of five classrooms above the Karslake Hall. All of the classrooms are equipped with networked computers, with internet access. The English Department makes excellent use of its interactive whiteboards and digital projectors.