PHSE and Enrichment

All pupils take part in non-examined Personal Health and Social Education in Years 7 -9; in Years 10-13, students follow a programme of Enrichment.

The weekly 35 minute PHSE lessons in Years 7-9 are delivered by the tutors. A variety of topics are covered which fall under the headings of relationships, personal safety, study skills, citizenship, life skills, careers, substance misuse and effective habits. Pupils also explore British values such as freedom of speech and expression, respect for the rule of law, tolerance and individual liberty. In addition, Britain’s political system is examined in Year 9. 

In Years 10 and 11, pupils receive one double Enrichment lesson every other week delivered by a dedicated Enrichment team. The programme covers topics such as citizenship, alcohol and drugs misuse, sex and relationships education, well-being, study skills and financial management. This programme is enhanced by a number of professional visiting speakers.

The Enrichment team also leads hourly or 35 minute sessions in Years 12 and 13. Here, the emphasis is on preparation for life beyond school. Topics include self-defence, managing personal debt and budgeting, political awareness, university life and coping with illness. A number of guest speakers visit the school and provide their unique insights into real life challenges. Recent speakers have discussed overcoming life threatening injuries, living with HIV and coping with family members who have problems with drugs and alcohol. These sensitive topics are presented in a mature and comfortable environment which encourages discussion.

The aim of the school’s PHSE and Enrichment provision is to enhance the awareness and understanding of one’s environment and to address issues that one may not get the opportunity to discuss in curriculum time or at home. Adolescence can be a challenging time for many, and we believe it is important for young people to be given the chance to ask questions on a host of topics in an open and caring environment. We aim to empower students to make mature choices for themselves and be aware, informed and vigilant of the world around them.