Physical Education

The Physical Education Department consists of a large team of three full and several part time specialist teachers. The Department is based in the outstanding Jonathan Edwards Sports Centre which is at the heart of a superb complex of facilities which includes an all-weather pitch, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, squash courts, tennis and netball courts and extensive sports pitches.

The Department teaches PE as an important subject in our curriculum for pupils at all ages. It also leads an impressive programme of Sport for boys and girls outside the timetable – at lunchtimes, after school, at weekends and in holidays.

PE is taught in a single 35 minute period every week throughout Years 7-9. Pupils in these years will also take part in two double period games lessons per week. These are used to teach team sports to pupils at all abilities. The boys play Rugby, Hockey and Cricket, whilst the girls play Netball, Hockey, Rounders and Tennis. Throughout the year all pupils in Years 7-9 take part in swimming lessons which are used not only to improve stroke technique, but also to allow pupils to complete various water safety courses. PE lessons are also taught in Volleyball, Badminton and Athletics.

In Years 10 and 11 pupils are given an option to experience various different sports such as Basketball, Cross-Country, Fitness, Golf, Football, Swimming, Squash, Dance and Rounders (in addition to the usual Rugby, Hockey and Cricket for the boys and Netball, Hockey and Tennis for the girls) in two double periods per week.

Sixth formers are encouraged to take part in the various activities on a Wednesday afternoon. They also have the opportunity to use the school's facilities during their study periods.

PE is a major subject at A-level. The course offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of man's movement, performance and behaviour in relation to play, institutionalised physical education, sport and recreation. Academic study within Physical Education can provide greater knowledge, insight and understanding of performance.

The courses themselves are both academically and physically challenging and are particularly suited to students of sound academic background who are competent in the sporting skills required for the practical component of the courses.

This specification provides the opportunity for candidates to demonstrate the key skills of Communication, Working with Others, Improving Own Learning and Performance and Problem Solving.

Students with a real interest in sport and leisure would find the A-level course an excellent platform from which to launch a career in:

  • Teaching & Lecturing
  • Recreational Management
  • Sport Centre Management
  • Sport administration
  • Sport Science
  • Sport Equipment Management
  • Professional sport
  • Physiotherapy
  • Outdoor Pursuits