The team of three specialist Physics teachers and departmental technician work in a well-equipped modern suite of three purpose built laboratories and service rooms. Each laboratory has multimedia projectors, two of them with electronic whiteboards. The department is well resourced with a variety of practical equipment including modern measuring and data logging systems and more traditional apparatus.

We encourage our students to have an interest in the physical world around us and to approach scientific ideas in an informed and logical manner. We believe it important to make Physics accessible to all.

In Years 7 and 8 pupils experience a wide range of experimental activities enriching the underlying Key Stage 3 Programme of Study. The textbook used is Longman Physics 11-14.

In Years 9 through to 11, pupils are taught the GCSE Physics specification from AQA, supported by Keith Johnson's recently updated 'Physics for You' and Nelson Thornes 'AQA GCSE Physics' textbooks. At the end of Year 9, around three quarters of pupils will opt to continue Physics beyond Core Science through to the full separate Physics qualification.

We maintain very healthy A-level numbers, despite the national trend away from the arguably more difficult traditional subjects. The specification taught is AQA Physics A, which includes an assessed practical element. Textbooks include 'Advanced Physics for You' (Stanley Thornes) and 'AQA Physics A' from Nelson Thornes. Students are encouraged to think beyond the syllabus and to benefit from independent learning.

Physics is a vital subject at Advanced Level for anyone interested in a career in science or engineering, and works well in combination with a wide range of other subjects available in the Sixth Form.