Psychology is a fast-growing subject, both at West Buckland and nationally, which prepares students well for further study and for careers in industry, education and health.

The team of two teachers aim to develop a breadth of knowledge, critical thinking skills and an appreciation of the relationships between different aspects of the subject through enthusiastic and knowledgeable teaching. Psychology A-level is an exciting course with plenty of choice within the units. It provides a supportive structure and manageable levels of assessment for enjoyable teaching and learning. Students develop an overall understanding of psychology by considering conflicting and complementary explanations of clinical issues and major debates. The specification offers a choice of studies and contemporary issues. This flexibility allows study to be tailored to the needs of students and the contexts in which they are learning.

The students have enjoyed the subject and so far most that have taken it for AS have wanted to pursue the course for further A2 studies by when we hope they will have learnt about psychological principles, perspectives and applications. They will have also developed critical and evaluative skills in relation to theory, empirical research and methods of research. Whilst exploring the issues and debates in and around the study of psychology, including ethics, they will have explored the relationship between psychological knowledge and their relationship to social, cultural, scientific and contemporary issues.