Religious Education

This is a lively department in the school with the Head of Department, Mr Andrew Watkinson-Trim. Religious Education offers a solid grounding in the 'whys' and 'hows' of different people's approaches to belief throughout the school.

At GCSE level the course prepares students to think about the important philosophical and ethical issues in life and to prepare for a possible course in these fascinating subjects in Years 12 and 13. The Edexcel AS and A-level courses focus on Philosophy and Ethics, with an opportunity to study any topic of special interest to the individual. The Chaplain is also an A-level examiner.

The walls of our classrooms are variously adorned with thought-provoking words and images – not least the collection of ‘wall-worthy’ original pithy comments from sixth-formers!

The department finds that students ask searching questions at increasingly young ages. This is excellent for keeping a lively department humming! We discuss faith academically in the classroom, but school life is much richer than merely the classroom: faith is practiced as well - see 'Chaplaincy'.

The department also welcomes regular external speakers.  These have included Dr Tony Campolo, renowned American pastor and White House advisor.  View the video seminar here