West Buckland still welcomes new enquiries for 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the school is currently  implementing a comprehensive online academic programme for all of our students, using Microsoft Teams. Our aim is to continue to provide  this until such time as we are able to open again.

Our Admissions office is still open for enquiries for September 2020 and beyond.

The school will continue to support the North Devon community through provision of PPE and practical help, as long as it is needed.


West Buckland School is rated in the Top 40 co-ed boarding schools in the UK for our academic performance.


GCSE and A-level performance has been amongst the best in the South West for a good number of years, establishing West Buckland as the highest performing co-educational boarding school in the South West peninsula.

Our first-class teaching and personal support, alongside outstanding HE advice, frequently enables them, often, to surpass their own expectations.


A-level performance has been consistently excellent over many years and we have a strong track record in helping our students get to some of the best universities.

This is particularly impressive taking into consideration the breadth of entry into our Sixth Form, with the school welcoming students who can aspire to five of more Grade 5s at GCSE results for entry into the Sixth Form.

Asset 24


The % of grades A* to A in 2019. (National average 26.4%)

Asset 20


The % of grades A* to B in 2019. (National average 51.3%)

Asset 23


Number of subjects that achieved 100% A* to B in 2019.

Asset 22


The % of Further Mathematics grades that were A* to A in 2019


Our options system and exam entry policies reflect our desire to give students the opportunities to succeed across a broad range of subjects.

Notable statistics from our 2018 results include:

Asset 21


% that achieved 4-9 for Mathematics

Asset 19


% of all grades that were passed at 9-7

Asset 22


% of students achieved ALL 9-7

Asset 25


No. of students achieving ALL 9s (UK total: only 732)


A-Level Results

  • A-Level Results 2019
  • A-Level Results 2018
  • A-Level Results 2017

GCSE Results

  • GCSE Results 2019
  • GCSE Results 2018
  • GCSE Results 2017


Our approach is certainly not influenced by any attempt to maximise our position in the so-called ‘league tables’. The focus is always on personal development of each child, enabling them to push themselves just enough to reach their maximum potential.

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